Kingsman: The Secret Service Emoji Storyline

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Kingsman: The Secret Service Emoji Storyline is a translation of Kingsman: The Secret Service plot summary using sixty-six emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
? The
? agent Introducer, Investigator
? Harry Bust, Somebody
? Galahad
? Hart
⬅️ from Due, From
? Kingsman
? Secret Emotion, Quiet
?️ Service Ripened, Service
? helps Shake, Welcome
? troublemaker Devil, Gloat
? Gary
? Eggsy
? Unwin
? son Beardless, Catechumen
? agent Introducer, Investigator
? saved Shake, Welcome
? lives Live, Lively
? Harry Bust, Somebody
and Appanage, Append
? team Townsfolk, Thronging
? years Studbook, Triptych
↩️ ago Hindmost, In A Bind
? Harry Bust, Somebody
? invites Invite, Marketing
? Eggsy
? candidate Introducer, Investigator
? vacancy Scampish, Shallow
? new Posting, New
? agent Introducer, Investigator
? in Mail, Box
? agency Introducer, Investigator
and Appanage, Append
? he Boyhood, Boyish
? trained Degree, Faculty
? Agent Introducer, Investigator
? Merlin
and Appanage, Append
⚔️ competes Disabuse, Disagreeable
? other Checker, Choppy
? candidates Introducer, Investigator
? Meanwhile
? Kingsmen
? investigate Analitic, Analyse
?️ industrialist Accountant, Ace
? Valentine Hot Pants, Husbandly
? insane Goosey, Obtuse
?️ genius Accountant, Ace
?️ technology Show Off, Showing Off
☠️ deadly Steely, Stillborn
? plan Purpose, Central
? assistant Introducer, Investigator
? Gazelle Nature, Animal
? save Backup, Backup
? Earth Storm Cellar, Surfacing
⬅️ from Due, From
? global Globalization, Globalize
? warming Flamy, Warm
eliminating Removed, Removing
‼️ most Continuity, Controversial
? population Townsfolk, Thronging
? chip Iphone, Mobilephone
and Appanage, Append
? saving Emancipate, Emancipated
? he Boyhood, Boyish
☝️ chosen Up, Index

Kingsman: The Secret Service Details

Kingsman: The Secret Service movie was released in 2014.

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