⚖️ Life savings Emoji

Balance Scale emoji Meanings and synonyms for ⚖️ Life savings Emoji:

Pocket, Checking account, Exchequer, Finances, Bottom dollar, Funds, Nest egg, Balance, Budget, Resources, Savings, Assets, Substance, Purse, Kitty, Means, Wherewithal, Fund, Reserves, Pool, Treasure.

⚖️ Life savings Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Life savings Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2005.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
?️ Standing Order, State, Statesmanlike, Tradition, Universities
Zodiac, Libra, Libra, Time, Zodiac
? Human, Person, Sport, Running, Sprint
☃️ Cold, Snow, Statue, Snowman, Snowflake
⚰️ Mummify, Necrology, Obituary, Tombstone, Object
⚗️ Polymer, Reagent, Acid, Acidity, Alchemy
☂️ Umbrella, Canopy, Canopy, Weather, Rain
⛷️ Ski, Human, Travel, Person, Sport
? Castanets, Catcher, Celesta, Corporal Punishment, Cymbal
☄️ Meteor, Meteorite, Mysticism, North Star, Omen
? Grappling, Activity, Struggle, Wrestling, Grappling
? Video, Camera, Object, Video, Camera
? Humoral, Hydrous, Lachrymal, Lachrymose, Lacteal
? Kick In, Labor Of Love, Present, Wrapped, Object
? Disclosing, Exemplify, Exhibit, Exhibited, Exhibiting
? Imbalance, Spanner, Wrench, Object, Tool
?️ Admission, Ticket, Object, Entertainment, Ticket
? Dribble Away, Expectorate, Expectorated, Expectorating, Fluidity
?️ On The Level, Slider, Object, Sound, Music
? Communique, Confab, Confer, Confidant, Conscious
? Gust, Air, Anemometer, Aerate, Aria
?️ Defended, Dictatorship, Absorber, Airtight, Antidote
? Water Closet, Watercloset, Object, Travel, Wc
?️ Named, Namesake, Nomen, Shortcut, String Along
⚒️ Appliance, Equip, Adjustment, Alignment, Alteration
? Deceiving, Deception, Deceptive, Decoy, Delude
? Bar, Mobile, Signal, Antenna, Staircase
? Celebration, Tree, Bamboo, Banner, Bamboo
? Object, Activity, Celebration, Party, Tada
⛏️ Icepick, Pickax, Mow, Edgetool, Ice Pick
?️ Clock, Mantelpiece, Object, Clock, Mantelpiece
? Typify, Broadcasting, Television, Tv, Typify
? Firecracker, Object, Activity, Celebration, Sparkler
? Crupper, Decor, Decorated, Duplication, Embroidery
?️ Panel, Object, Sound, Music, Control
? Jewelry, Espouse, Ringlet, Jewelries, Diamond Ring
? Place, Activity, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission
? Stile, Tollgate, Turnstile, Vomitory, Archway
?️ Gluey, Hardcase, Impenetrable, Adhesive Tape, Astringency
? Video, Videocassette, Tape, Videotape, Vhs
? Paper, Confetti, Confetti, Object, Activity
? Narcotize, Needle, Patent Medicine, Syringe, Syrup
? Activity, Celebration, Lantern, Jack, Halloween
? Excision, Ground Swell, Halve, Hay, Hew
? Bolt, Bolt Hole, Stud, Object, Tool
? Shot, Artilleryman, Assassin, Blowgun, Blowpipe
? Object, Activity, Entertainment, Movie, Film
?️ Lamp, Furniture, Divan, Couch, Lounge
? Camera, Cinema, Image, Cameramanm, Object
?️ Armory, Ankh, Armory, Bayonet, Beau Brummel
? Denticle, Emblem, Harpoon, Scepter, Spear
? Marvelous, Mirth, Out Of The Blue, Pastime, Phenomenal
? Amphora, Ash, Cinder, Clinker, Crock
? Cairn, Landmark, Tagged, Truckle, Watchtower
? Smile, Smiling, Grimace, Smirk, Grin
? Secure, Object, Lock, Closed, Key
? Activity, Japan, Game, Flower, Card
? Lockup, Mane, Padlock, Penal Colony, Penstock
?️ Lock, Old, Key, Object, Lock
? Flower, Blossom, Object, Flower, Blossom
? Lock, Unlock, Openlock, Unblock, Ungag
? Bathing, Bath, Bathingtub, Bathhouse, Bathroom
?️ Console, Console, Joystick, Object, Game
? Refractor, Spectrograph, Spectroscope, Spectroscopy, Stargazer
?️ Sure Sign, Tattoo, Telltale Sign, Tempera, Thumbnail Sketch

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