Man of Steel Emoji Storyline

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Man of Steel Emoji Storyline is a translation of Man of Steel plot summary using seventy-one emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
? Kal-El
? son Childish, Infancy
? Jor-El
and Alliance, Alternative
? Lara
? sent Transmittal, Velocity
? Earth Surfacing, Terrestrial
↪️ after Twist, Arrow
? home Pinpoint, Placement
? planet Surfacing, Terrestrial
? Krypton
? leads Monarch, Monarchical
? complete Award, Awarded
? incineration Febrile, Fiery
? Now Psychological Moment, Semester
taking Borne, Burglary
? name Badge, Item
? Clark Kent
? he Valet, Boyhood
⤴️ then Outside, Over
? discovers Occurrence, Ogle
? persona Summary, Certificate
? when Psychological Moment, Semester
? he Valet, Boyhood
?⬅️ become Refraining, Reissue
? Superman
? A
? hero Arrogance, Arrogant
?️ committed Freighter, Frenzied
?️ protect Immune, Resistant
? Earth's
? fate Shooting, Drop
and Alliance, Alternative
? harm Emotion, Traumatization
?️ threatens Petal, Plug Ugly
? However Often, On The Other Hand
✔️ General Admissive, Admitted
? Zod
? Krypton
and Alliance, Alternative
? military Broncobuster, Buckaroo
? leader Gentleman, Glyph
? looks Peeping, Peering
? Earth's
? fate Shooting, Drop
and Alliance, Alternative
? decides Finger, Fingered
♻️ use Interposition, Intersection
? sacrifice Body, Skull
➡️ for Ergo, Fain
? all Star, Galaxy
? humans Circumstance, Come About
? Superman
? help Shake, Welcome
? present Gifting, Kick In
? military Broncobuster, Buckaroo
and Alliance, Alternative
? news New, Posting
✍️ reporter Draft, Dramatist
? Lois
?️ Lane Street, Stylistics
?️ makes Install, Lay The Foundation
alliance Alliance, Alternative
? together Cooperative, Copse
stop Discontinuous, Disjunctive
? Zod
⬅️ from Nearing, Arrow
? obliterating Bash, Baste
? human Circumstance, Come About
? existence Incarnate, Incipiency

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Man of Steel movie was released in 2013.

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