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Medical, Health, Status, Condition, Doctor, Nurse, Symbol, Sanitary.

⚕️ Medical Symbol Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2016.

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Related to ⚕️ Medical Symbol Emoji

? Hospital Assist, Assistance, Authorization, Avail, Backing
?‍⚕️ Man Health Worker Condition, Doctor, Nurse, Chemist, Man
? Pill Shuck, Specialty Shop, Tablet, Vitamin, Object
? Syringe Grafting, Heroin, Hypnotize, Inhalant, Inject In
?‍⚕️ Woman Health Worker Powwow, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychopathy, Woman
☯️ Yin Yang Deadening, Abatement, Abnegation, Abstinence, Allay

Code for ⚕️ Medical Symbol Emoji

⚕ U+2695

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