Mission Emoji

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Authorization, Authorize, Operation, Loyalty, Agency, Aim, Air raid, Activity, Church, Art, Charter, Consignment, Authority, Action, Adventure, Homework, Delegate, Burden, Business, Accredit, Busywork, Charge, Deputize, Chore, Function, Church house, Bombing, Commitment, Assign, Committee, Mandate, Homage, Craft, Assignment, Deference, Detail, Delegation, Care, Dedication, Detach, Embassy, Devolve, Career, Ministry, Commission, Empower, Entrust, Ethics, Exercise, Expedition, Commit, Dry run, Allegiance, Game, Cathedral, Handicraft, Cure.

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EmojiRelated words
? Restaurant, Dessert, Sweet, Candy, Lolly
? Animal, Pig, Pork, Piggy, Sow
? Sourdough, Vinegar, Citrus, Lemon, Lime
? Gallop, Hobbyhorse, Horse, Mule, Mustang
? Gait, Goer, Hurried, Hurries, Hustler
? Doughnut, Yeast, Food, Restaurant, Dessert
? Postal, Object, Sound, Communication, Horn
? Anchor, Trident, Emblem, Harpoon, Spear
? Object, Pen, Lock, Ink, Privacy
? Bolt, Bolt Hole, Stud, Object, Tool
? Human, Face, Smile, Smiling, Smiley
? Bingo, Bow, Chess, Gunnery, Missilery
? Coaster, Rollercoaster, Coaster, Roller, Roller Coaster
? Excision, Ground Swell, Halve, Hay, Hew
? Saxophone, Sax, Clarinet, Ocarina, Panpipe
? Party, Paper, Confetti, Confetti, Object
⚛️ Ion, Intellect, Intellectuality, Intelligent, Intelligently
? Television, Tv, Typify, Object, Video
? Drop, Droplet, Raindrop, Teardrop, Drizzly
? Contingent On, Continual, Correlate, Correlated, Correlative
? Christmastree, Xmastree, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas Tree
?️ Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Admission, Ticket
? Activity, Romance, Wedding, Chapel, Marry
? Sing, Sang, Sung, Songster, Ballad
? Pingpong, Table, Table Tennis, Tabletennis, Activity
⛓️ Inextricable, Lattice, Livery, Mace, Nose Ring
? Count On, Cupidity, Defect, Deficiency Disease, Desire
? Metaphor, Throw Off, Throw Out, Nature, Place
Diamond, Suit, Game, Card, Diamond
⚒️ Workmanship, Object, Tool, Pick, Hammer
?️ Poster, Precipice, Specimen, Stabile, Sure Sign
?️ Lance, Leaflet, Man-About-Town, Militant, Murderous
?️ Tabernacle, Taper, Ark, Candle, Censer
? Object, Activity, Celebration, Flag, Streamer
? Phone, Smartphone, Mobile, Cell, Object