Moneyed Emoji

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Well-off, Well-to-do, Independent, Loaded, Luxurious, Fat, Prosperous, Wealthy, Comfortable, Flush, Affluent, Rich, Warm, Opulent.

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EmojiRelated words
? Note, Money, Bank, Bill, Banknote
? Buy Off, Buying, Catabolism, Chalk Up, Churchgoer
? Cash, Coin, Margin, Wherewithal, Finance
? Euro, Office, Note, Money, Bank
? Elevation, Penalize, Inflationary, Pricey, Bargain
?? Flag, Country, American, American, Middle American
? Dive, Diving, Investment Bank, Loan, Nose Dive
? Yen, Office, Note, Money, Bank
? Casino, Endanger, Flip Of A Coin, Fortuity, Gamble
?️ Hotel, Store, Shopping, Buy, Boutique
? Self-Interest, Selfish, Sordid, Stingy, Swinish
? Office, Note, Money, Bank, Bill
? Office, Thumbtack, Pushpin, Pin, Pinning
? Travel, Bag, Baggage, Suitcase, Claim
? Attachment, Attaching, Attach, Adhesive, Adjacent
?️ Office, Communication, Pen, Ink, Fountain
?️ Copy, Lithograph, Print, Printed, Printer
? Mail, Postbox, Mailbox, Lowered, Flag
? Sniggle, Stow, Superfluity, Swag, Tangle
? Sit In On, Sit Up, Stool, Throne, Tribunal
? Arbitrate, Monogram, Arbitrate, Bar Chart, Bench Mark
? Lading, Loose Woman, Luggage, Minx, Nymphomaniac
?️ Applique, Keynote, Noted, Notepad, Pad
? Credit, Credit Card, Creditcard, Debit Card, Debitcard
? List, Graded, Grouped, Hierarchic, In The Clear
? Post, Office, Place, Japan, Building
? Letter, Email, E-mail, Email, E-Mail
? Radar, Scan, Barbel, Barbule, Feeler
?️ Sequel, Rig, Rigging, Jotting, Junction
? Actuary, Figurer, Actuary, Computer, Electronics
? Subject, Pocketbook, Guideline, Workbook, Yearbook
? Phone Book, Reciter, Retell, Sci Fi, Science Fiction
? Briefcase, Backpack, Briefcase, Case, Office
?️ Expended, Forfeited, Garbage, Garbage Can, Garbagecan
? Gob, Gradient, Grow, Growth, Grub
? Mail Boxes, Mailbox, Mailboxes, Post Box, Post Boxes
?️ Mouse, Office, Computer, Button, Three
? Office, Full, Score, Hundred, Earnestly
? Elbow, Inflection, Angle For, Angular, Corner
? Office, Calendar, Planning, Leave Of Absence, Planning
?️ Stabile, Sure Sign, Tattoo, Telltale Sign, Tempera
? Purse, Handbag, Wallet, Handbag, Clothing
? Flag, Office, Communication, Mail, Closed
?️ Card, Index, Assort, Assort, Storage
?️ Computer, Trackball, Trackball, Office, Computer