Necrology Emoji

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Chronology, Column, Barrow, Biography, Brass, Arch, Legend, Cairn, Inscription, Memorabilia, Chronicle, Annals, Autobiography, Obituary, Diary, Dolmen, Clio, Footstone, History, Prize, Journal, Tomb, Life, Cross, Mausoleum, Case history, Memento, Monolith, Cenotaph, Obelisk, Pyramid, Pillar, Gravestone, Mound, Profile, Ribbon, Record, Hagiography, Life story, Shaft, Shrine, Stone, Story, Stupa, Tablet, Marker, Remembrance, Bust, Tombstone, Headstone, Monument, Cup, Confessions, Plaque, Grave, Memorial, Memoir.

⚰️ Necrology Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Necrology Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2005.

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There are thirty emoji in the Unicode related to the ⚰️ Necrology Emoji:

EmojiRelated words
Catholic, Churches, Churchly, Ecclesiastical, Evensong
☠️ Deleterious, Depravation, Die, Die Out, Died
⚱️ Urn, Object, Urn, Funeral, Urn
✝️ Symbol, Latin, Church, Christianity, Messiah
? Skeleton, Skull, Skull Session, Thanatosis, Face
? Preternatural, Prowler, Psychical, Revenant, Scandalize
? Religion, Religious, Worship, Worshipful, Worshiping
? Dejectedly, Upsetting, Saddening, Snuffling, Sorrowful
✡️️ Star, Sign, Symbol, Star, Sign
? Buddhism, Object, Prayer, Hinduism, Buddhism
⚖️ Commutation, Compared, Compensate, Compensating, Compensatory
? Fortune, Object, Star, Telling, Fortune
⚒️ Object, Tool, Pick, Hammer, Heraldry
?️ Printing Equipment, Repose, Retire, Rock Bottom, Rock Garden
? Typify, Object, Video, Broadcasting, Tv
? Crosier, Drudge, Gavel, Hammer, Hammer Away At
⛏️ Pickax, Pickaxe, Object, Travel, Tool
? Litre, Jug, Jar, Amphora, Crock
? Mudpack, Talcum Powder, Unresemblance, Vanity Case, Visage
? Amusement, Amusedly, Splendid, Splendor, Amazing
? Object, Activity, Entertainment, Video, Movie
? Tool, Wrench, Spanner, Fix, Fixed
? Integrating, Connection, Connecting, Hyperlink, Correlate
Rhapsodize, Riverhead, Schmaltzy, Smarmy, Smooth Tongued
?️ Shopping, Buy, Boutique, Supple, Boutique
?️ Labelling, Labeling, Discount, Brand, Cognomen
? Apocryphal, Art, Artificial, Artist, Artistic
?️ Visor, Object, Eye, Dark, Sunglasses
⛓️ Inextricable, Lattice, Livery, Mace, Pendulum
⚗️ Ferment, Infusion, Isomer, Nitrate, Nitrogen

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