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? New Moon Emoji

? New Moon Emoji
New Moon emoji ? New Moon emoji has similar meanings as the following words:
Place, Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Dark, Tenebrious, Darkening, Tenebrous, Blackness, Darkness, Darkling, Darkest, Darkish, Darker, Darkly, Unlit.

? New Moon can be used on iOS and Android devices. It is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

? In order to send the New Moon emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

Symbols related to ? New Moon Emoji

There are fifty-four emoji in the Unicode library related to the ? New Moon emoji.

Alarm Clock Alarm, Alarm clock, Alarmclock, Time, Clock
Stopwatch Time, Clock, Stopwatch
Timer Clock Timer, Second, Minute, Time, Clock
Hourglass With Flowing Sand Clock, Sand, Timer, Hourglass, Time
Watch Wristwatches, Wrist watch, Wristwatch, Time piece, Timepiece
Hourglass Time, Sand, Hourglass, Hourglasses, Awaiting
Sun Sunlight, Solar, Weather, Sun, Bright
Cloud Fog, Atmosphere, Clouding, Cloudy, Weather
Umbrella Umbrella, Canopy, Weather, Rain, Umbrella
Sun Behind Cloud Cloud, Weather, Sun
Cloud With Lightning and Rain Rain, Thunder, Weather, Cloud, Rain
Shinto Shrine Shinto, Kami, Hachiman, Travel, Place
? Closed Umbrella Umbrella, Canopy, Weather, Rain
? Water Wave Place, Weather, Water, Ocean, Wave
? Globe Showing Europe-Africa Place, Orbit, Globe, Earth, Africa
? Globe Showing Americas International, Worldwide, Planet, World, Nature
? Globe Showing Asia-Australia Earth, Australia, Asia, Nature, Place
? Globe With Meridians Globalizing, Globalise, Globalize, Globally, Sphere
? New Moon Darkening, Tenebrous, Blackness, Darkness, Darkling
? Waxing Crescent Moon Moon, Crescent, Waxing, Place, Weather
? First Quarter Moon Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Quarter
? Waxing Gibbous Moon Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Waxing
? Full Moon Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Full
? Waning Gibbous Moon Time, Orbit, Moon, Waning, Gibbous
? Last Quarter Moon Time, Orbit, Moon, Quarter, Place
? Waning Crescent Moon Moon, Crescent, Waning, Place, Weather
? Crescent Moon Moon, Crescent, Place, Weather, Time
? New Moon Face Moon, Face, Place, Weather, Time
? First Quarter Moon With Face Orbit, Moon, Quarter, Face, Place
? Last Quarter Moon With Face Moon, Quarter, Face, Place, Weather
? Full Moon With Face Face, Place, Weather, Orbit, Moon
? Sun With Face Face, Place, Weather, Sun, Galaxy
? Glowing Star Sparkle, Shining, Glowing, Glittery, Shining star
? Shooting Star Place, Activity, Star, Galaxy, Falling
? Sun Behind Small Cloud Weather, Sun, Cloud
? Sun Behind Large Cloud Weather, Sun, Cloud
? Sunflower Plant, Sun, Flower, Sunflower, Nature
? Moon Viewing Ceremony Object, Activity, Japan, Celebration, Moon
? Kaaba Travel, Place, , Mosque, Mecca
? Mosque Travel, Place, Mosque, Mecca
? Synagogue Temple, Jerusalem, Travel, Place, Synagogue
? One O’clock One, Time, Clock
? Two O’clock Time, Clock, Two
? Three O’clock Timing, Time, Clock, Three, Timing
? Four O’clock Time, Clock, Four
? Twelve O’clock Time, Clock, Twelve
? One-thirty Clock, Thirty, One, Time, Clock
? Two-thirty Time, Clock, Thirty, Two, Time
? Three-thirty Thirty, Three, Time, Clock, Thirty
? Twelve-thirty Clock, Thirty, Twelve, Time, Clock
? Sunglasses Sunglasses, Dark, Object, Eye, Glasses
? Smiling Face With Sunglasses Eye, Sun, Bright, Glasses, Sunglasses
? Face With Medical Mask Under, Mask, Medical, Human, Face
? Satellite Spacecraft, Satellite, Space station, Spacestation, Sputnik


? New Moon emoji was added to the Unicode Data in 2010.

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