Once Emoji

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Erstwhile, Finally, At once, Before, Bygone, Ancient, Onetime, Definitely, Old, Previously, Early, Already, Apart, Recent, Heretofore, Immediately, Alone, Immemorial, Occasionally, Severally, One by one, Particularly, Fore, Positively, Directly, Prehistoric, Primitive, Earlier, Quondam, Singularly, Right away, Instantly, Promptly, Simultaneously, Without delay, Sometime, Late, Past, Per se, Then, Decidedly, Long ago, Prior, Former, For good, Separately, Individually, Primeval, Previous, Together.

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? Terminology, Encyclopedia, Gazetteer, Backbiting, Calumny
? Reload, Coup, Refresh, Coup, Refresh
? Turnaround, While, Anticlockwise, Antipole, Antonym
? Hump, Nature, Animal, Hump, Camel
? Anew, Anon, Around, But, Counterfeiting
? Swipe, Office, Communication, Pencil, Memo
? Button, Word, Japan, Symbol, Button
? Diversity, Orientation, Shift, Variation, Variety
? Word, Chinese, Symbol, Button, Word
? Sweatily, Sweating, Sweaty, Wilted, Human
Fast, Follow, Follower, Coordinated, Following
? Above, Back, Back, Back Out, Arrow
◀️ Left, Reverse, Sound, Arrow, Triangle
↗️ Volley, Adhere, Arrow, Away, Blue Streak
↘️ Arrow, Southeast, World, Map, Southeast
Already, Beforehand, Beforetime, Betimes, Earlier
? Refraction, Arrow, Clockwise, Once, Reconsideration
▶️ Beginning, Commence, Starting, Start, Begin
↪️ After All, Twist, Arrow, Right, After
↕️ Arrow, Up, Down, Trajectory, Trajectory
↩️ Revert, Aft, Ago, Apathetic, Arrested
⬆️ Arrow, Up, Upside, Upper, Lift
? Office, Arrow, Communication, Mail, Down
⬅️ Due, Due, From, Left, Nearing
? Down, Button, Arrow, Red, Down
? Arrow, Behind, End, Return, Arrow
? Object, Arrow, Communication, Phone, Smartphone
↔️ Broadest, Widening, Broaden, Breadth, Broader
⬇️ Below, Blow Down, Butte, Daintiness, Down
? Button, Arrow, Red, Button, Arrow
? Above, Arrow, On, Above, Arrow
➡️ Forbear, Forth, Forwarded, Inclined, Inevitably
? Bow, Archery, Bingo, Chess, Gunnery
Bottom, Bottomland, Bottomless Pit, Chutzpah, Coarseness
High On The Hog, Higher, Highly, Idealistic, Intemperately
⤴️ Ascendant, At The Same Time, Beside, Beyond, Capping
? Cupid, Emotion, Arrow, Heart, Cupid
⤵️ Down, Fall, Some, Understate, Underplay
? Housetop, Look Down Upon, On Top, Rooftop, Top
? Soon, Arrow, Above, Soon, Soon