Out-of-the-way Emoji

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Desultory, Detached, Spare, Removed, Back of beyond, Backhanded, Beat, Adrift, Far out, Casual, Extraordinary, Hippie, Departing, Aberrant, Unessential, Apart, Orbital, Inadmissible, Digressive, Discursive, Bohemian, Distant, Extraneous, Inconsequent, Extrinsic, Oblique, Forced, Deviating, Helical, Circuitous, Heretical, Unannounced, Retired, Offbeat, Immaterial, Circular, Inaccessible, Informal, Inappropriate, Erratic, Improbable, Indirect, Labyrinthine, Insular, Excursive, Secluded, Free and easy, Lonesome, Maverick, Meandering, Not cricket, Not done, Godforsaken, Isolated, Breakaway, Occasional, Extra.

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? Apology, Apologising, Apologizing, Regretful, Apologise
? Score, Hundred, Earnestly, Earnestly, Hundred
Clasped, Clasping, Clench, Clenched, Clenches
? Emotion, Comic, Angry, Anger, Cast
? Likelihood, Mendicancy, Mendicant, Mooch, Adjure
? Pull, Pull In, Pull Off, Human, Gesture
? Repel, Strike, Punch In, Push In, Put In
? Tendon, Forceful, Shoulder, Muscularity, Musculature
Victory, V, Gesture, Human, Gesture
?‍♂ Human, Face, Man, Turban, Human
?‍♀ Race, Go, Human, Running, Race
?‍? Worker, Factory, Human, Face, Job
? Hoary, Centenarian, Dotard, Forebears, Geezer
?‍? Man, Organization, Cubicle, Bureau, Equipage
?‍♀ Gesture, Woman, Ok, Human, Face
? Adjutant, Administrator, Agency, Agent, Aide
? Arab, Arab, Turban, Human, Person
? Emaciated, Overtire, Palpitate, Panicked, Poor
? Wave, Highfive, Wrist, Vibrate, Slap
? Face, Eye, Closed, Human, Face
? Guy, Him, John Doe, Lout, Male
? Husbandly, Illusive, Illusory, Impassioned, Impression
? Tuxedo, Costume, Costume, Tuxedo, Human
? Face, Body, Skull, Bone, Skeleton
? Human, Face, Totally, Shocked, Astound
? Go For, Go Go, Go In For, Go Into, Go Over
? Wc, Restroom, Lavatory, Lavatory, Wc
? Humiliated, Opprobrium, Repentant, Self-Abasement, Shamed
?‍? Human, Face, Job, Woman, Kitchen
? Love, Kissing, Human, Face, Love
?‍♂ Face, Man, Grimace, Human, Face
? Blowing, Kiss, Human, Face, Heart
? Crawl With, Creep With, Crowd, Crowd In, Crowded
? Clapped, Clapping, Commend, Compliment, Congrat
? Frowning, Human, Face, Frowning, Human
?‍?  People, Human, Family, Household, People
? Boring, Boringly, Callous, Catatonic, Cavernous
? Vulcan, Spock, Spock, Vulcan, Human
?‍♀ Shrug, Human, Face, Gesture, Woman
? Splinter Group, Stick Together, Swarm, Tammany Hall, Third Party
? Jockey, Lam, Mount, Outrun, Pursuit
? Inferior, Human, Body, Hand, Down
? Breadwinner, Builder, Busywork, Chore, Clothier
? Mouth, Blue, Sweat, Rushed, Concerning
? Prohibited, Not, No, Forbidden, Monkey