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Oil, Photography, Drawing, Finger painting, Fresco, Coloring, Graphic arts, Monochrome, Coating, Covering, Printing, Printmaking, Canvas, Shellacking, Whitewashing, Portraiture, Illumination, Illustration, Tempera, Wash, Water, Priming, Picturization, Staining.

? Painting Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Painting Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
?️ Spatula, Towel, Weazen, Anoint, Broom
?️ Cotton, Cringle, Effigy, Engram, Exemplar
?‍? Painter, Human, Face, Job, Man
?‍? Face, Job, Woman, Painter, Illustrator
? Candy, Lolly, Lollipop, Gum, Gum
? Fleeing, Hurry, Flee, Run, Ran
? Place, Activity, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission
? Mordant, Muffin, Nimbly, Ably, Bejewel
? Tape, Videotape, Vhs, Tape, Vhs
?️ Nightwalk, Pussyfoot, Slink, Barroom, Bear Down
? Sousaphone, Trumpet, Tuba, Activity, Sound
?️ Joystick, Object, Game, Controller, Videogame
? Object, Pen, Lock, Ink, Privacy
?️ Pressure, Clamping, Squeeze, Flatten, Clamp
? Fagot, Fasces, Festoon, Fragrance, Nosegay
? Cineration, Claw, Coddled, Combustion, Conflagrate
? Taught, Teach, Teaches, Teaching, Trained
⚱️ Funeral, Urn, Object, Urn, Funeral
?️ Level At, On The Level, Slider, Object, Sound
? Ukulele, Activity, Sound, Music, Instrument
? Hockey, Ice Hockey, Activity, Hockey, Ice Hockey
? Retrench, Broadcast, Backstairs, Relay, Backstairs
? Search, Magnifying, Glass, Object, Search
? Nuptial, Wedding, Place, Activity, Romance
?️ Honor, Object, Celebration, Medal, Military
? Pep Pill, Pharmacies, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pill
? Cinder, Clinker, Crock, Flask, Jar
? Blowhole, Doorjamb, Doorpost, Floodgate, Gatepost
? Tool, Light, Electric, Flashlight, Torch
Gushes, Headwater, Insinuating, Jet, Levitation
? Party, Paper, Confetti, Confetti, Object
? Loo, Bedpan, Bedpan, Chamber Pot, Latrine
? Disconnected, Disconnection, Incommunicado, Off, Object
? Object, Star, Telling, Fortune, Object
⛓️ Curb, Damper, Earring, Fastened, Gird
? Endanger, Fortuity, Gambled, Jeopardize, Opportunity
? Unpen, Unshackle, Untether, Object, Open
? Analitic, Research, Insight, Analyse, Analyze
? Romance, Ring, Jewelry, Espouse, Ringlet
⚖️ Evaluative, Evaluation, Evaluating, Stability, Balancing
? Denticle, Emblem, Harpoon, Scepter, Spear
? Leaf, Green, Yellow, Chevron, Beginner
? Pole, Fishing, Hunting, Nosy, Piscatory
?? Australia, Flag, Country, Australia, Australia
? Gold, Bronze, First, Bronze, First
? Celebration, Tree, Bamboo, Banner, Bamboo
? Object, Activity, Japan, Celebration, Moon
? Activity, Celebration, Sparkler, Sparkle, Rocket
☄️ Invincible, Unconquerable, Afflatus, Baring, Daystar
?️ Beau Brummel, Bickerer, Blade, Bract, Brawler
? Smartphone, Telephone Booth, Object, Communication, Phone
? Allowed, Soccer, Nub, Nubbin, Humidor
? Freshen, Fumble, Fume, Fuzz, Gale
? Whirligig, Spinning, Playground, Playroom, Carousel
? Magazine, Scandal, Scandalous, Break The News, Frontpage
⚛️ Intelligence, Gravitate, Gravitation, Matter, Quantum
? Fairground, Ferris Wheel, Observation Wheel, Place, Activity
? Prodigious, Pyrotechnics, Regalement, Salute, Self-Gratification
? Ptyalise, Vomiting, Spitting, Spatter, Spewing
?️ Drum, Oil, Petrol, Petroleum, Object
? Aerosol, Atomizer, Cleanser, Dentifrice, Detergent
?️ Object, Clock, Mantelpiece, Object, Clock
? Spinet, Steinway, Activity, Sound, Music
? Soiree, Tada, Object, Activity, Celebration
?️ Sound, Music, Control, Knob, Panel

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