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Face, Object, Place, Activity, Entertainment, Music, Opera, Mask, Ballet, Art, Performing, Dance, Emotionalise, Emotional, Behaviour, Behavior, Demeanor, Behaving, Feigning, Emotion, Acting, Behave, Feign, Mood, Masque, Ambidextrous, Artful, Censurable, Charlatan, Chiseling, Crafty, Deceit, Deceitful, Deceiving, Deception, Deceptive, Decoy, Delude, Dishonesty, Disingenuous, Disloyalty, Duplicity, Extemporize, Factitious, Furtive, Guile, Guileful, Hoax, Hoaxes, Illusionist, Imitated, Inauthentic, Insincere, Insincerity.

? Performing Arts Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? White Flower Blossom, Object, Flower

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