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Cogent, Commanding, Ranking, Obstinate, Authoritative, Authorized, Autocratic, Ascendant, Effective, Biting, Duly constituted, Estimable, Charming, Acid, Strong, Authoritarian, Lusty, Full, Consequential, Considerable, Absolute, Controlling, Winning, Driving, Grave, Dynamic, Incisive, Effectual, Competent, Empowered, Bouncing, Enchanting, Sinewy, Official, Leading, Exhaustive, Charismatic, Formidable, Gutsy, Weighty, Governing, Cutting, Forcible, Great, Heavy, Hale, Deep, Piercing, Efficacious, Hefty, Imperative, Important, Impressive, In force, Eminent, Hardy, Beefy.

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EmojiRelated words
? Listen, Listen In, Listened, Listener, Listening
? Lobe, Local, Loch, Mast, Appoint
?️ Cripple, Culpability, Acrobat, Actress, Admissibility
? Grappling, Grapple, Grapple, Grappling, Activity
? Activity, Mitten, Glove, Boxing, Boxer
? Run Along, Run Down, Runner, Runner Up, Running
? Sash, Sport, Running, Shirt, Sash
? Cheat, Chouse, Churn, Comb, Contumely
? Nostril, Odor, Odour, Parfum, Primrose Path
? Male, Restroom, Men, Restroom, Human
? Face, Eye, Closed, Human, Face
? Human, Person, Soldier, Guardsman, Guard
? Black Mass, Blemished, Cerberus, Charon, Chthonian
? Horny, Human, Gesture, Body, Horn
? Indicating, Needful, Noting, Pointed, Pointing
? Face, Tear, Sad, Cry, Sob
? Gua, Mao, Human, Person, Man
?️ Communicate, Vocalisation, Verbal, Vocal, Voice
?‍♂ Face, Gesture, No, Man, Human
? Babies, Baby, Babyish, Bairn, Bantam
? Scowled, Deprecate, Frown, Frowned, Frowning
? Panting, Perturbation, Pessimism, Pins And Needles, Pucker
? Military Police, Militia, Militiaman, Militiamen, Mounted Policeman
? Scrap, Human, Travel, Place, Litter
? Impressing, Impressive, Marvelling, Astounding, Surpriser
? Mountain, Pedal, Bike, Bicycle, Bicyclist
? Eye, Sun, Bright, Cool, Sightless
? Prohibited, Not, No, Forbidden, Human
? Shake, Welcome, Human, Gesture, Body
? Kissing, Smooch, Human, Emotion, Heart