🏎 Racing Car Emoji

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Travel, Sport, Car, Racing, Racingcar, Supercar, Sportcar, Convertible, Chaser, Gymkhana, Ride, Chase, Riding, Mileage, Chasing, Rider.

🏎️ Racing Car Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2014.

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πŸ‡ Horse Racing Sport, Horse, Racing, Jockey, Human
🏍️ Motorcycle Motorbike, Human, Travel, Person, Sport
πŸš— Automobile Car, Auto, Automobile, Travel, Vehicle
🚘 Oncoming Automobile Automobile, Travel, Vehicle, Car, Oncoming
🏁 Chequered Flag Checkered flag, Racing flag, Concluding, Conclusion, Finishing
πŸ›΅ Motor Scooter Motorcycle, Moped, Vespa, Motor, Lambretta
🚢 Person Walking Roam, Go, Human, Travel, Person
πŸƒ Person Running Sprinter, Jogging, Fleeing, Hurry, Flee
🏎️ Racing Car Sport, Car, Racing, Sportive car, Racing car
⛑️ Rescue Worker’s Helmet Cross, Helmet, Armouring, Armoring, Armour
πŸšƒ Railway Car Railcar, Wagon, Travel, Vehicle, Railway
⚑ High Voltage Influence, Striking, Electro, Energy, Power
⛷️ Skier Human, Travel, Person, Sport, Ski
🚞 Mountain Railway Vehicle, Railway, Car, Mountain, Travel
πŸ‚ Snowboarder Snowboarder, Snowboard, Human, Person, Sport
πŸš‹ Tram Car Tram car, Tramcar, Travel, Vehicle, Car
🏌 Person Golfing Human, Person, Sport, Ball, Golfer
πŸš“ Police Car Car, Police, Military, Patrol, Travel
🚣 Person Rowing Boat Vehicle, Boat, Rowboat, Travel, Vehicle
πŸš” Oncoming Police Car Car, Police, Oncoming, Military, Travel
πŸ„ Person Surfing Ocean, Sea, Surfing, Surfer, Surfboard
🏊 Person Swimming Travel, Person, Sport, Athlete, Swimmer
🚨 Police Car Light Alerteds, Alarming, Warning, Alert, Siren
🚑 Aerial Tramway Vehicle, Car, Gondola, Cable, Tramway
β›Ή Person Bouncing Ball Human, Travel, Person, Sport, Ball
🚴 Person Biking Travel, Person, Sport, Cyclist, Pedal
🚡 Person Mountain Biking Sport, Cyclist, Mountain, Pedal, Bike
πŸ‹ Person Lifting Weights Powerlifting, Weightwork, Workingout, Strongman, Workedout
β›³ Flag in Hole Hole, Golf, Flag, Travel, Sport
⛸️ Ice Skate Figure skating, Ice skating, Iceskating, Ice skate, Iceskate
⛩️ Shinto Shrine Place, Torii, Shrine, Shinto, Kami
πŸ† Trophy Win, Sport, Medal, Silver, Award
πŸš‚ Locomotive Steam train, Steamtrain, Generating, Motorizing, Motorizee
πŸ… Sports Medal Achievement, Honourable, Medallion, Champion, Honoring
πŸ€ Basketball Sport, Ball, Hoop, Basketball, Sport
πŸš„ High-speed Train Train, Speed, Shinkansen, Bullettrain, Travel
🏈 American Football American, American football, Sport, Ball, Football
πŸš… High-speed Train With Bullet Nose Bullet, Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Train
πŸ‰ Rugby Football Sport, Ball, Football, Soccer, Rugby
πŸš† Train Vehicle, Railway, Train, Locomotive, Travel
🎾 Tennis Racquet, Sport, Ball, Tennis, Racquet
πŸš‡ Metro Railway, Train, Subway, Underground, Metro
🎱 Pool 8 Ball Ball, Game, Eight, Snooker, Billiard
🚈 Light Rail Light, Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Train
🎳 Bowling Game, Bowling, Sport, Ball, Game
πŸš‰ Station Vehicle, Railway, Train, Station, Travel
🚊 Tram Travel, Vehicle, Tram, Trolleybus, Travel
🚝 Monorail Vehicle, Railway, Monorail, Travel, Vehicle
🎣 Fishing Pole Fishing, Sport, Entertainment, Fish, Pole
🎽 Running Shirt Shirt, Sash, Sport, Running, Shirt
🎿 Skis Sport, Ski, Skiing, Skier, Sport
🚌 Bus School bus, Schoolbus, Buses, Travel, Vehicle
🚍 Oncoming Bus Minibus, Travel, Vehicle, Bus, Oncoming
🚎 Trolleybus Vehicle, Tram, Bus, Trolleybus, Trolley
🚲 Bicycle Pedal, Bike, Bicycle, Travel, Vehicle

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