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Certainly, Clearly, Without doubt, All right, Almighty, Alright, Absolutely, Forsooth, Assuredly, Fine, In all conscience, By all means, Roger, Actually, Terribly, Manifestly, Definitely, Doubtlessly, OK, Easily, Extremely, Naturally, For real, Seriously, Genuinely, De facto, Hear, Awfully, Historically, Yea, Surely, In reality, Aye, Just, Obviously, Mightily, Exceedingly, Indubitably, Noticeably, Powerful, Of course, Exceptionally, Good, Powerfully, Precisely, Quite, Rather, Real, Remarkably, Good enough, Amen, So, Extraordinarily, Sure thing, Indeed, Truly, Decidedly.

☑️ Really Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Really Emoji was added to the Unicode in 1995.

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There are forty-eight emoji in the Unicode related to the ☑️ Really Emoji:

EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Office, Communication, Mail, Box, Letter
?️ Joint Control, Joint Ownership, Nay, Partaking, Participate
? Box, Receive, Office, Communication, Mail
Habit, Include, Including, Inclusive Of, Thorough
✴️ Star, Symbol, Sign, Star, Symbol
Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric, Square
? Circle, Sign, Geometric, Blue, Circle
Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric, Square
Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric
✖️ Estranged, Expel, Indifference, Irrelevant, Modifier
◼️ Sign, Geometric, Square, Quadrate, Sign
? Geometric, Comic, Diamond, Inside, Petite
Cagey, Calculating, Canny, Catchy, Chicanery
❇️ Pristine, Pure, Net, Flare, Flare Up
? Geometric, Diamond, Orange, Sign, Geometric
?️ Arsenal, Attic, Ave Maria, Back Number, Basement
Marblelike, Granite, Marblelike, Sign, Geometric
☣️ Insurrectionary, Internecine, Izzard, Last Word, Long Shot
? Fated, Sign, Geometric, Button, Radio
Bloomer, Blunder, Delete, Remove, Absconded
? Sign, Geometric, Square, Button, Sign
? Triangular, Trifurcate, Trilateral, Tripartite, Sign
☯️ Homogeneity, Horse Latitudes, Humility, Hush, Idyllic
✔️ Agree With, Agreeable, Agreed, Agreeing, Akin
? Diamond, Blue, Sign, Geometric, Diamond
? Leftover, Pickling, Probing, Prorate, Food
? Geometric, Red, Down, Sign, Geometric
⌨️ Keyboard, Typewriter, Keypad, Keyboard, Keypad
☑️ Cranny, Credibility, Crevasse, Crevice, Criterion
? Scab, Scabby, Wheal, Sign, Geometric
☢️ Infinitesimal, Intangible, Integral, Irradiation, Irreducible
✳️ Star, Symbol, Asterisk, Sign, Asterisk
Circle, Sign, Geometric, Circle, Sign
? Brighter, Glowing, Glaring, Lighten, Light
Clay, Clod, Dense, Clay, Clod
Quoit, Quorum, Revelry, Shindig, Shindy
? Shoebox, Shrub, Snuggery, Stationery, Stolen Goods
☮️ Peaceful, Armistice, Irenic, Nonviolent, Pacifistic
〽️ Chart, Sign, Part, Alternation, Mark
? Square, Button, Outlined, Sleek, Sleek
Miracle, Marvel, Shone, Shiny, Spark
Token, Sign, Geometric, Circle, Softly
? Blue, Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Blue
? Sign, Low, Dim, Dim, Sign
Geometric, Square, Sign, Geometric, Square
? Sign, Geometric, Diamond, Orange, Sign
? Jive, Mountebank, Mummer, Musician, Prestidigitator
Square, Sign, Geometric, Square, Sign

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