♻ Recycling Symbol Emoji

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Travel, Solid, Universal, Recycling, Recycle, Reprocessing, Refurbishing, Sustainable, Restoration, Maintenance, Maintaining, Overhauling, Sustaining, Renovating, Utilising, Utilizing, Repairing, Refurbish, Maintain, Overhaul, Renovate, Reusing, Utilise, Utilize, Sustain, Rebuild, Restore, Mending, Repair, Reuse, Cycle, Mend, Use, Surround, Absorbing, Intake, Interloping, Interposition, Intersection, Intervention, Recapture, Recrudescence, Recuperate, Reductive, Refluent, Cyclic, Cyclical, Fertilize, Aeon, Antiquity, Duration, Eon, Exculpation, Frequency, Kilocycle, Maintained, Megacycles.

♻️ Recycling Symbol Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2002.

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♻️ Recycling Symbol Renovating, Utilising, Reprocess, Utilizing, Repairing
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