⚖️ Retaliation Emoji

Balance Scale emoji Meanings and synonyms for ⚖️ Retaliation Emoji:

Expiation, Feud, Commutation, Compensation, Cooperation, Atonement, Recompense, Counteraction, Reciprocation, Restitution, Exchange, Amends, Balancing, Transposition, Interchange, Interplay, Alternation, Measure for measure, Quid pro quo, Reciprocity, Rectification, Indemnification, Repayment, Cross fire, Reprisal, Revenge, Discipline, Tit for tat, Vendetta, Offsetting, Substitution, Permutation, Redress, Reparation, Correction, Punishment, Satisfaction, Indemnity, Give-and-take, Vengeance, Mutuality, Retribution, Requital.

⚖️ Retaliation Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Retaliation Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2005.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
Libra, Time, Zodiac, Libra, Libra
?️ Museum, Victorian, Colonnade, Congress, State
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⛷️ Ski, Human, Travel, Person, Sport
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? Unblock, Ungag, Unpen, Unshackle, Untether
? Performing, Dance, Emotionalise, Emotional, Behaviour
? Closed, Key, Secure, Secure, Object
?️ Hydraulics, Astringency, Astringent, Clamped, Compress
? Observatory, Reconnoiter, Astronomic, Astrophysics, Outsize
?️ Object, Lock, Old, Key, Object
? Grappling, Grapple, Grapple, Grappling, Activity
?️ Divan, Couch, Lounge, Barroom, Crouch
? Activity, Ball, Celebration, Party, Paper
? Celebration, Sparkler, Sparkle, Rocket, Gunpowder
?️ Joystick, Console, Console, Joystick, Object
? Cage, Confidential, Detain, Guardhouse, Hasp
? Fete, Housewarming, Soiree, Event, Costume Party
? Gifted, Gifting, Kick In, Labor Of Love, Present
? Object, Bookmark, Tag, Tab, Booked
? Admission, Pass For, Object, Place, Activity
? Clapper, Object, Activity, Entertainment, Movie
? Cameramanm, Object, Activity, Entertainment, Video
? Flak, Fullback, Glockenspiel, Gong, Jumper
? Ptyalising, Moisture, Humidify, Humidity, Spilling
? Cloth, Embellishment, Decorating, Adornment, Decorate
?️ Artwork, Poster, Image, Pic, Pastoral
? Fart, Farted, Farting, Fife, Fizzle
?️ Object, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Admission
? Latrine, Loo, Toilet, Water Closet, Watercloset
? Blowhole, Door, Doorjamb, Doorpost, Doorway
?️ Object, Sound, Music, Slider, Level
? Object, Flower, Blossom, Object, Flower
?️ String Along, Tag Along, Object, Tag, Mark
⛏️ Object, Travel, Tool, Pick, Pickaxe
? Object, Video, Videocassette, Tape, Videotape
?️ Manipulator, Panel, Object, Sound, Music
? Tool, Medicine, Medication, Doctor, Syringe
?️ Fosterage, Gingerly, Guarded, Guardianship, Guarding
? Fix Up, Fixed, Imbalance, Spanner, Wrench
? Pistol, Poisoner, Repeater, Revolver, Rifle
? Stud, Object, Tool, Nut, Bolt
? Demonstrating, Presentation, Introducing, Demonstrate, Presenting
? Japan, Celebration, Tree, Bamboo, Banner
? Video, Camera, Object, Video, Camera
⚒️ Heraldry, Adjustment, Alignment, Alteration, Appliance
? Ring, Ringlet, Object, Romance, Ring
?️ Murderous, Petal, Plug Ugly, Quarreler, Rating
? Modifiable, Moist, Movable, Muggy, Protean
? Maw, Meal, Mush, Muzzle, Nicked
?️ Object, Clock, Mantelpiece, Object, Clock
? Affusion, Awash, Backstroke, Balneation, Bandage
? Indescribable, Interest, Jocularity, Jollity, Joviality
? Reliquary, Scalawag, Soot, Vase, Object
? Admonition, Advice, Adviced, Advicing, Advise
☄️ Devastation, Exterminate, Devastating, Apocalypse, Armageddon
? Game, Flower, Card, Playing, Object
? Jack, Halloween, Pumpkin, Halloween, Jack
? Cuspid, Denticle, Scepter, Cuspid, Denticle
? Tv, Typify, Object, Video, Broadcasting
? In Progress, Ladder, Relay, Retrench, Signal
? Face, Smile, Smiling, Grimace, Smirk

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