? Round Pushpin Emoji

Round Pushpin emoji ? Round Pushpin emoji has similar meanings as the following words:
Office, Place, Thumbtack, Pushpin, Pin.

? Round Pushpin can be used on iOS and Android devices. It is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

? In order to send the Round Pushpin emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

Symbols related to ? Round Pushpin Emoji

There are fifty-four emoji in the Unicode library related to the ? Round Pushpin emoji.

Telephone Sound, Phone, Telephone, Call, Office
Shinto Shrine Shinto, Kami, Hachiman, Travel, Place
? Water Wave Water, Ocean, Wave, Seawater, River
? Globe Showing Europe-Africa Earth, Africa, Europe, Nature, Place
? Globe Showing Americas Orbit, Globe, Earth, Americas, Internationally
? Globe Showing Asia-Australia Place, Orbit, Globe, Earth, Australia
? Globe With Meridians Global, Nature, Place, Orbit, Globe
? New Moon Unlit, Place, Weather, Time, Orbit
? Waxing Crescent Moon Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Crescent
? First Quarter Moon Place, Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon
? Waxing Gibbous Moon Gibbous, Place, Weather, Time, Orbit
? Full Moon Full moon, Fullmoon, Place, Weather, Time
? Waning Gibbous Moon Time, Orbit, Moon, Waning, Gibbous
? Last Quarter Moon Quarter, Place, Weather, Time, Orbit
? Waning Crescent Moon Moon, Crescent, Waning, Place, Weather
? Crescent Moon Place, Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon
? New Moon Face Time, Orbit, Moon, Face, Place
? First Quarter Moon With Face Quarter, Face, Place, Weather, Orbit
? Last Quarter Moon With Face Moon, Quarter, Face, Place, Weather
? Full Moon With Face Weather, Orbit, Moon, Bright, Full
? Sun With Face Bright, Face, Place, Weather, Sun
? Glowing Star Favouriting, Outstanding, Illustrious, Gold star, Celebrity
? Shooting Star Nature, Place, Activity, Star, Galaxy
? Circus Tent Acrobatics, Circuses, Place, Activity, Entertainment
? Office Building Building, Business, Organization, Cubicle, Bureau
? Japanese Post Office Building, Post, Office, Place, Japan
? Post Office Place, Building, Post, European, Office
?‍? Woman Office Worker Business, Organization, Cubicle, Bureau, Human
? Yen Banknote Bill, Banknote, Yen, Office, Note
? Dollar Banknote Cashes, Cash, Coin, Office, Note
? Euro Banknote Banknote, Euro, Office, Note, Money
? Pound Banknote Banknote, Pound, Office, Note, Money
? Seat Bench, Stool, Travel, Office, Place
? Laptop Computer Office, Computer, Personal, Pc, Laptop
? Briefcase Bag, Suitcase, Case, Briefcase, Backpack
? Computer Disk Computer, Disc, Minidisc, Database, Data
? Floppy Disk Disk, Office, Computer, Disc, Floppy
? Optical Disk Keywords (click to find more): cd, Compact disc, Compactdisc, Disk, Office
? Dvd Office, Computer, Disc, Dvd, Office
? Pushpin Pinning, Pinneds, Office, Thumbtack, Pushpin
? Round Pushpin Pushpin, Pin, Office, Place, Thumbtack
? Notebook With Decorative Cover Decorated, Cover, Office, Book, Notebook
? Closed Book Office, Book, Literature, Closed, Office
? Pager Communication, Pager, Office
? Fax Machine Faxes, Office, Communication, Fax, Facsimile
? Satellite Antenna Scan, Office, Communication, Dish, Satellite
? Kaaba Mecca, Hajj, Travel, Place
? Mosque Place, Mosque, Mecca
? Synagogue Temple, Jerusalem, Travel, Place, Synagogue
? Desktop Computer Display, Screen, Office, Computer, Desktop
? Printer Printing, Print, Office, Computer, Publish
? Computer Mouse Computer, Button, Three, Mouse, Office
? Trackball Trackball, Office, Computer
? Framed Picture Artwork, Canvas, Poster, Image, Pic


? Round Pushpin emoji was added to the Unicode Data in 2010.

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