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Break, Break in, Palliate, Marinate, Adjust, Age, Alter, Accommodate, Develop, Available, Dehydrate, Edible, Box in, Acclimate, Refrigerate, Adapt, Instant, Evaporate, Color, Come of age, Abate, Condition, Day, Finish, Desiccate, Imbrue, Diminish, Brew, Dredge, Beautify, Dry, Polish, Mature, Infuse, Embalm, Bloom, Establish, Fix, Evolve, Corn, Enliven, Fit, Fume, Flavor, Cultivate, Modify, Discipline, Gentle, Grow, Habituate, Hedge, Hour, Domesticate, Flower, Assuage, Imbue, Cure.

? Season Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Season Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Drone, Honeybee, Vagary, Whim, Nature
? Rouleau, Sheaf, Spice, Truss, Nature
? Garden, Mansion, Cottage, Rancho, Ranch
? Droop, Pansy, Nature, Flower, Droop
?️ Blossom, Rosette, Nature, Rosette, Decoration
? Game, Flower, Card, Playing, Object
? Euphuism, Flower, Narcissus, Primrose, Tulip
? Sweet, Candy, Lolly, Lollipop, Gum
? Nature, Food, Plant, Fruit, Wine
? Plantain, Punster, Quipster, Satirist, Screwy
? Dolphin, Benthos, Cetacean, Plankton, Porpoise
? Nature, Animal, Bear, Koala, Mammal
? Penguin, Nature, Animal, Bird, Penguin
? Tiger, Wildcat, Face, Nature, Animal
? Florescence, Florescent, Floriculture, Flowered, Flowery
?️ Campo, Celibate, Champaign, Childless, Comeuppance
? Animal, Reptile, Turtle, Tortoise, Tortoise
? Camel, Dromedary, Dromedary, Hump, Nature
? Pignose, Snort, Snout, Face, Nature
? Ram, Antelope, Gazelle, Antelope, Gazelle
? Liana, Lichen, Liner, Lining, Lsd
? Lariat, Meshes, Migrant, Owl, Parrot
?️ Place, Cold, Mountain, Snow, Nature
? Face, Nature, Animal, Pet, Dog
? Octopus, Octopuses, Nature, Animal, Octopus
? Farina, Forage, Chaff, Harvest, Agriculture
? Buttonhole, Cajole, Hark, Henpeck, Beetle
? Poodle, Nature, Animal, Dog, Poodle
? Monkey, Face, Nature, Animal, Monkey
? Burgher, Methodologist, Mutton, Pedant, Fleece
?️ Dovelike, Freed, Freedom, Freeing, Sky Dive
? Animal, Bird, Baby, Chick, Nature
?️ Isolate, Isolation, Paradisal, Parochialism, Solitude
? Insect, Ant, Termite, Anthill, Ant
? Roughness, Skulking, Slinky, Tabby, Nature
? Kittenish, Kitties, Kitty, Lie In, Tom
? Ananas, Pineapple, Nature, Food, Plant
? Pear, Nature, Food, Plant, Fruit
? Unspiritual, Mutant, Mutate, Unworldly, Aberration
?️ Recreation, Lakeshore, Reclining, Lakeside, Seaboard
? Mushroom, Shroom, Mushroom, Nouveau Riche, Shroom
? Palm Tree, Nature, Plant, Tree, Palm
? Leech, Parasite, Wormy, Flagellate, Leech
? Place, Orbit, Globe, Earth, Africa
? Bandog, Clubfoot, Dog, Greyhound, Hound
? Spareribs, Superpatriot, Wallow, Chauvinist, Fat Back
? Food, Plant, Watermelon, Watermelon, Nature
? Forest, Shedding, Treetop, Wood, Oak
? Spongy, Nature, Animal, Fish, Blowfish
? Serpent, Draco, Chimera, Chimera, Face
? Grimace, Cat, Pouting, Sulk, Face
?️ Bayou, Delta, Ford, Glade, Glen
? Animal, Chicken, Rooster, Egg, Fowl
? Rabbit, Hare, Belle, Bunnies, Doe
? Goatish, Goat, Goatish, Lecher, Satyr
? Animal, Heart, Smile, Smiling, Smiley
? Grain, Kipper, Maize, Marinate, Maze
? Plant, Leaf, Four, Clover, Shamrock
? Plant, Melon, Cantaloupe, Rockmelon, Honeydew
? Cow, Face, Nature, Animal, Cow
? Kaiju, Drake, Gargoyle, Harpy, Basilisk
? Vinegar, Citrus, Lemon, Lime, Sourdough
? Strawberry, Nature, Food, Plant, Fruit
? Nature, Animal, Pet, Hamster, Beaver
? Pawprint, Trace, Nature, Animal, Print

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