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Affix, Affluence, Cadre, Body, Acrid, Acute, Adapt, Accommodate, Animus, Adhere, Anchor, Arrange, Advance, Accepted, Accord, Bend, Assemblage, Aggregate, Aim, Abet, Aim at, Allot, Assured, Anchored, Bear, Annex, Agglomeration, Aptness, Adherence, Archetype, Borne, Belay, Ascending, Adjust, Aspect, Attested, Assign, All, Ascertained, Attach, Back number, Attitude, All set, Brigade, Appoint, Backed, Backing, Band, Barb, Base, Aptitude, Authorize, Address, Bearing, Allocate, Bed, Ascent.

?️ Set Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Set Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2014.

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There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the ?️ Set Emoji:

EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
?️ Wasting, Trashy, Litter, Misuse, Trash
?️ Voting, Vote, Condominium, Franchise, Nay
? Yearly, Office, Calendar, Date, Scheduling
?️ Storage, Office, Card, Index, Assort
?️ Kitchen Cabinet, Locker, Piggy Bank, Portfolio, Retable
? Shrimp, Fried, Fried, Prawn, Shrimp
? Television, Tv, Typify, Object, Video
? Office, Communication, Pager, Pager, Office
? Trade Book, Wager, Write Out, Office, Book
?️ Typography, Woodblock, Xerography, Office, Computer
? Rick, Rise, Risen, Rising, Scrape
Suit, Emotion, Heart, Game, Card
☑️ Decision, Deface, Default, Demand Draft, Demonstrable
? Computer, Disc, Dvd, Office, Computer
? Office, Book, Blue, Literature, Glossal
? Book, Notebook, Decorated, Cover, Cover
?️ Crayon, Office, Communication, Crayon, Crayon
? Earnestly, Hundred, Office, Full, Score
? Elbow, Inflection, Office, Triangle, Ruler
? Platter, Recording, Scoreboard, Ticker Tape, Office
?️ Tableau, Applique, Keynote, Noted, Notepad
?️ Scrivener, Transcriber, Truck Farm, Office, Communication
? Down, Letter, Above, Email, Envelope
? Yen, Office, Note, Money, Bank
? Money, Bank, Bill, Banknote, Euro
? Mail, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office
? Curl, Historical, Historically, Historicity, Instruction
? Loft, Mesa, Notional, Seat, Seated
? Bookmark, Marker, Catalog, Catalog, Marker
? Calendar, Planning, Leave Of Absence, Planning, Office
? Size Up, Yardstick, Office, Ruler, Yardstick
? Diary, Fortnightly, Gazette, Hagiography, Journal
? Nationalization, Nationalize, Replevin, Adhesive, Adjacent
? File, Folder, Office, Open, File
? Pamphlet, Office, File, Folder, Pamphlet
? Book, Literature, Literary, Lettered, Literate
?️ Trackball, Office, Computer, Trackball, Trackball
? Expenditure, Expense, Fee, Pawn, Bankroll
? Personal, Pc, Laptop, Electronics, Actuary
? Game, Card, Playing, Joker, Card
?️ Impingement, Karroo, Lay Figure, Osculate, Outback
? Sent, Received, Transfer, Transferable, Transference
? Rapport, Strategic, Office, Notepad, Clipboard
☎️ Telex, Contact, Telegraph, Teletype, Telex
? Barbule, Feeler, Loran, Navar, Pinpointing
? Japan, Game, Flower, Card, Playing
?️ Basketwork, Cassandra, Colander, Cyclorama, Desktop
? Post, Office, Place, Japan, Building
♠️ Game, Card, Suit, Spade, Spade
♣️ Game, Card, Suit, Club, Club
? Guideline, Workbook, Yearbook, Guideline, Pocketbook
?‍? Engraver, Informant, Legate, Legislator, Notary
✒️ Nib, Office, Pen, Nib, Nib
? Eject, Withdrawal, Withdrawn, Ejection, Withdraw
? Dollar, Doubloon, Dream Up, Ducat, Fantasize
? Thumbtack, Pushpin, Pin, Office, Place
? Sheathe, Shoebox, Shrub, Snuggery, Stationery
? Index, Rolodex, Indexed, Lineup, Type
✂️ Cut Across, Cutback, Cutting, Cutting Remark, Dado
? Cost, Bargain, Bottom Dollar, Break Even, Cost
?️ Nude, Nylon, Old Master, Packet Boat, Pastoral
? E-mail, Email, E-Mail, Office, Communication
Diamond, Suit, Game, Card, Diamond
? Establishment, Firm, Headquarters, Helm, Main Office
? Receive, Office, Communication, Mail, Box

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