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➡️l⬅️ Short Emoji

➡️l⬅️ Short Emoji
Short emoji Meanings, symbols, emoticons, texts, and related words for ➡️l⬅️ Short Emoji:

Narrowing, Shortest, Shorten, Shorter, Tighten, Narrow, Tight, Abbreviate, Abbreviated, Abbreviation, Abridged, Abstemious, Aphoristic, Brusque, Clipped, Close, Closed Minded, Compact, Compendious, Concise, Condensed, Creedbound, Crisp, Cropped, Curt, Curtailed, Cut Short, Docked, Ethnocentric, Exiguous, Gnomic, Inadmissible, Laconic, Lenten, Little Minded, Mini, Miniature, Miniaturized, Minimal, Minor, Minority, Minuscule, Mowed, Narrow Minded, Narrowed, Narrow-Minded, Near, Niggard, Niggardly, Nipped, Parochial, Parsimonious, Pithy, Pruned, Puritanical, Reserved, Sanctimonious, Sententious, Sheared, Shipshape, Short, Shortened, Small, Small Fry, Small Minded, Snub, Spartan, Starched, Stiff Necked, Stinted, Straitlaced, Succinct, Taciturn, Tapering, Terse, Throat, Uncharitable, Unrelaxed.

➡️l⬅️ Short Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2015.

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Code for ➡️l⬅️ Short Emoji

➡ U+27A1

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