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Character, Circumstance, Strain, Seat, Bracket, Branch, Cachet, Bearings, Footing, Capacity, Face, Category, Base, Blood, Race, Label, Consequence, Dignity, Angle, Distance, Estate, Lot, Fix, Precedence, Grade, Class, Grouping, Case, Head, Section, Quality, Importance, Caste, Kudos, Modality, Level, Division, Kin, Merit, Perspective, Mode, Echelon, Sphere, Ground, Pickle, Pigeonhole, Plight, Position, Post, Posture, Part, Caliber, Predicament, Eminence, Prominence, Jam, Rate.

? Status Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Status Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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There are twenty-eight emoji in the Unicode related to the ? Status Emoji:

EmojiRelated words
? Diamond Ring, Espouse, Jewelries, Jewelry, Ring
? Bill, Banknote, Pound, Pound, Office
? Nimbly, Ably, Bejewel, Beribbon, Brilliant
? Chine, Choirmaster, Civilian, Climactic, Coarsen
? Persephone, Princess, Princesses, Queen, Rani
? Fort, Acropolis, Beachhead, Bridgehead, Fasthold
?? Flag, Country, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Flag
? Nike, Sneaker, Clothing, Shoe, Sneaker
? Manner, Mannered, Monopolist, Tophat, Urbane
? Sewing, Silk, Skirt, Style, Velvet
? Highheel, Afterpart, Slope, Afterpart, Depart From
? Kimono, Dungarees, Dishabille, Bluejacket, Shroud
? Garb, Neck Tie, Necktie, Suit Up, Suspender
? On Top, Rooftop, Top, Topped, Topping
? Pocket, Smallbag, Pouches, Pocket, Pouch
? Courtly, Shirt, T Shirt, Teeshirt, Titular
? Trousers, Clothing, Denim, Jeans, Trousers
? Clothing, Top, Monarch, Diadem, Crown
? Clothing, Bag, Purse, Handbag, Wallet
? Shoe, Clothing, Man, Shoe, Boot
? Footstep, Feetstep, Stepping, Foot, Feet
? Sandal, Clothing, Woman, Sandal, Sandal
? Bifocals, Contact Lens, Eyeglasses, Glasses, Goggle
? Coif, Conscript, Copyboy, Defrock, Degrade
? Attire, Garment, Apron, Attire, Blazer
? Millinery, Hat, Headgear, Millinery, Clothing
? Swimsuit, Thong, Wet Suit, Clothing, Swimsuit
? Purse, Handbag, Coin, Wallet, Stash

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