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Automobile emoji Meanings and synonyms for ? Stockcar Emoji:

Diner, Dinghy, Caboose, Car, Carriage, Reefer, Coach, Tender, Pullman car, Boxcar, Gondola, Local, Parlor car, Railway Car, Drawing room, Smoker, Van, Roomette, Sleeper, Flat, Truck, Tank.

? Stockcar Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Stockcar Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiMeanings and Synonyms
? Travel, Vehicle, Minivan, Van, Tailgate
? Scooter, Motorcycle, Moped, Vespa, Motor
? Chamber, Cohabitation, Countinghouse, Cowl, Crib
?️ Ride, Rider, Riding, Sport Car, Sportcar
? Travel, Vehicle, Sport, Pedal, Bike
? Tool, Leaf, Green, Yellow, Chevron
? Block, Hinder, Interlock, Ward Off, Symbol
?️ Place, Earth, Map, World, Atlas
? Cable, Tramway, Ropeway, Aerial, Aerial
?? Flag, Country, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Flag
? Oncoming, Taxi, Cab, Travel, Vehicle
? Light, Police, Revolving, Beacon, Alarmingly
?️ Titanic, Tour, Travel, Vehicle, Ship
Regatta, Argosy, Barge, Boat, Boating
? Traffic Light, Trafficlight, Travel, Light, Signal
? Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Monorail, Monorail
? Smoking, Cigarette, Cigar, Travel, Prohibited
?️ Rail Road, Railline, Railroad, Railway, Railway Track
? Vehicle, Tram, Trolley, Trolleybus, Trolleybusses
? Hospital, Ambulance, Ambulance, Travel, Vehicle
? Travel, Bathtub, Bathing, Bath, Object
♨️ Carbonate, Chlorinate, Evaporated, Fractionate, Fumigate
? Pedestrian, Human, Travel, Prohibited, Not
✈️ Flown, Aeronautics, Airbus, Airbuses, Airlift
? Temple, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Judaism, Synagogue
? Vehicle, Omnibus, Bus, Bus, Mail Coach
Wheelchair, Human, Travel, Chair, Wheelchair
? Ferryship, Sealiner, Cruise, Ferry, Watercraft
? Gondola, Cable, Gondola, Travel, Vehicle
? No, Forbidden, Litter, Travel, Prohibited
⛸️ Iceskate, Skating, Figureskating, Rink, Figure Skating
? Person, Sport, Horse, Racing, Jockey
? Reach Out, Reflect, Retail, Retrieval, Retrieve
⛴️ Boat, Ship, Transport, Ferry, Transport
Weathercock, Flag, Travel, Sport, Hole
? Passport, Travel, Control, Passport, Passport
? Scooter, Travel, Scooter, Moped, Kick
⛏️ Pickaxe, Object, Travel, Tool, Pick
?️ Ship, Motorboat, Travel, Vehicle, Boat
? Tattle, Tell On, Trickle, Travel, Drink
⛷️ Sport, Ski, Human, Travel, Person
⛹️ Person, Sport, Ball, Athlete, Sportsman
? Class, Armchair, Atelier, Back Seat, Backseat Driver
? Travel, Vehicle, Tram, Travel, Vehicle
? No, Forbidden, Water, Potable, Travel
? Object, Travel, Bathtub, Bathing, Shower
? Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Train, Speed
? Permanent, Perpetuate, Pertinacious, Corpus, Hereditary
? Privy, Rest Room, Saturate, Saturated, Sauna
? Light, Signal, Traffic, Traffic, Travel
? Swimmer, Swimming, Swum, Human, Travel
? Soccer, Nub, Nubbin, Humidor, Cigar
? Travel, Vehicle, Railway, Suspension, Suspension
⚠️ Caveat, Risk, Arguable, Dangerous, Deniable
? Human, Travel, Person, Sport, Cyclist
? Play Off, Prehistoric Man, Protohuman, Prowl, Prowled
? Train, Tram, Electric, Railwaywagon, Railroadcar
? Takeoff, Depart, Runway, Aberrant, Absquatulate
? Paraphernalia, Payload, Shipment, Slattern, Slut
Anchor, Ballast, Mooring, Naval, Moor
? Male, Restroom, Men, Restroom, Human
? Calliope, Cent, Circumspect, Cobblestone, Colon
? Minaret, Minaret, Travel, Place, Mosque
? Train, Station, Travel, Vehicle, Railway
?️ Person, Sport, Racing, Motorcycle, Motorbike

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