Take Emoji

Raised Fist emoji Meanings, synonyms, and related words for ✊ Take Emoji:

Acknowledge, Acquire, Caricature, Borrow, Abstract, Condone, Accede, Abide, Apprehend, Accommodate, Apply, Assume, Accroach, Choose, Con, Absorb, Blaze, Bamboozle, Advocate, Continue, Affect, OD, Agree to, Collapse, Come into, Consider, Annihilate, Appreciate, Belittle, Appropriate, Admit, Consume, Accompany, Assent, Catch on, Box office, Blast off, Astound, Come off, Bag, Clutch, Allure, Bring up, Arrogate, Bear, Collar, Bear with, Beat, Beat it, Behave, Accept, Bewitch, Annex, Blackmail, Chase, Attract, Consent.

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EmojiRelated words
? Put Straight, Put To Rights, Put Up With, Repel, Strike
? Ovation, Paresis, Plaudit, Pox, Slap On
? Suppliant, Supplicant, Supplicate, Supplication, Supplicatory
? Berating, Besiege, Bested, Bilk, Blister
Hand, Covering, Covering, Hand Down, Hand On
? Ptyalised, Slabber, Spew, Spewed, Spue
? Fend, Forearm, Foundation Garment, Fulcrum, Furnish
Victory, V, Gesture, Human, Gesture
? Acclaimed, Countenance, Admirer, Aficionado, Buff
? Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office, Communication
?‍♀ Human, Face, Gesture, Woman, Human
? Body, Human, Gesture, Body, Human
? Pull In, Pull Off, Human, Gesture, Body
? Giggle, Chuckle, Laughter, Humor, Kidding
? Gala, Gala, Hooray, Human, Person
? Swimming, Swam, Swum, Diver, Swam
? Fascinating, Fascination, Passionate, Affection, Valentine
? Costume, Tuxedo, Human, Face, Man
Wheelchair, Disability, Crippled, Handicapped, Crippled
?‍⚖️ Jury, Magistrate, Human, Face, Job
? Deadpan, Uncommunicative, Poker-faced, Inexpressive, Impassive
? Touch Up, Unalloyed, Unbeatable, Unconfined, Undiluted
? Humorist, Humoristic, Humorous, Humorously, Humour
? Breathy, Brisk, Brumal, Couchant, Crestfallen
? Frey, Frigg, Frump, Fud, Fuddy Duddy
? Heart, Blowing, Kiss, Human, Face
? Smiling, Smiley, Eye, Love, Human
?‍♂ Party, Person, Human, Bunny, Party
? Horny, Human, Gesture, Body, Horn
?‍♂ Bend, Human, Face, Man, Bend
? Crossed, Human, Gesture, Body, Finger
?‍♂ Face, Man, Grimace, Human, Face
?‍♀ Face, Woman, Grimace, Scowl, Human
? Strut, Toddle, Traipse, Trudge, Typeface
? Mischievously, Playful, Gamesome, Mischievous, Mischievousness
? Human, Person, Gesture, Grimace, Frowning
?‍♂ Man, Human, Face, Gesture, Man
? Human, Emotion, Heart, Romance, Kissing
? Face, Gesture, Shrug, Convulsion, Cramp
? Person, Love, Romance, Couple Kiss, Human
? Chaperon, Chatelaine, Chief, Chieftain, Chine
? Anxious, Appetite, Avidity, Avidly, Desirous
?‍♂ Human, Face, Man, Massage, Human
? Bitterness, Blatant, Bugger, Clamorous, Creep
? Vitrified, Voluntary Muscle, Wieldy, Wiry, Human
?‍⚖️ Woman, Magistrate, Justice, Jury, Evaluate
? Face, Love, Kissing, Human, Face
?‍♂ Face, Gesture, Man, Ok, Human
? Awestruck, Wow, Abash, Addle, Amazed
?‍✈️ Woman, Aircraft, Fly, Aviation, Stewardess
?‍♀ Human, Face, Woman, Massage, Human
? Mouth, Silent, Human, Face, Mouth
? Insignificantly, Jovial, Mirthful, Nugatory, Otiose
?‍♀ Human, Face, Woman, Turban, Human
?‍? Indefatigable, Industrious, Inquisitive, Indefatigable, Industrious
?‍♀ Gesture, Woman, Human, Face, Gesture
? Peacemaker, Peerage, Peripatetic, Pistoleer, Porter
? Mao, Gua, Gua, Mao, Human
? Outrun, Racecourse, Mount, Cloven, Horse Around
?‍♀ Woman, Human, Walking, Woman, Human