Technology Emoji

Desktop Computer emoji Meanings, synonyms, and related words for đŸ–Ĩī¸ Technology Emoji:

Arena, Art, Concern, Sphere, Field, Area, Natural science, Ology, Province, Specialty, Study, Mechanism, Discipline, Technics, Domain, Science, Skill, Craft, Social science, Method, Mechanics, Technique.

đŸ–Ĩī¸ Technology Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Technology Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2014.

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There are sixty-five emoji in the Unicode related to the đŸ–Ĩī¸ Technology Emoji:

EmojiRelated words
🖱ī¸ Office, Computer, Button, Three, Mouse
📡 Sonar, Teleran, Tracking, Versification, Antenna
📀 Dvd, Office, Computer, Disc, Dvd
👩‍đŸ’ģ Face, Job, Technician, Human, Face
đŸ’ģ Pc, Laptop, Electronics, Actuary, Figurer
🕹ī¸ Console, Console, Joystick, Object, Game
🖨ī¸ Typography, Xerography, Lithograph, Woodblock, Printed
⌨ī¸ Keypad, Typewriter, Sign, Computer, Keyboard
đŸ’ŋ Cd, Compact Disc, Disc, Disk, Dvd
🤖 Cretin, Cyborg, Golem, Robot, Robotic
🖲ī¸ Office, Computer, Trackball, Trackball, Office
👨‍đŸ’ģ Technician, Human, Face, Job, Man
🤓 Pervert, Perverted, Faddist, Foible, Botanist
đŸ’Ŋ Computer, Disc, Minidisc, Database, Data
đŸ’¯ Hundred, Office, Full, Score, Hundred
✏ī¸ Graphite, Graphite, Pencil, Office, Pen
đŸ’ē Sit In On, Sit Up, Stool, Throne, Tribunal
📝 Strategy, Swipe, Office, Communication, Pencil
🗑ī¸ Misuse, Misused, Misusing, Muss, No Account
📗 Subject, Workbook, Yearbook, Office, Book
💰 Valuable, Funding, Richest, Wealthy, Prosper
✉ī¸ Wrapper, Office, Email, Envelope, Telegram
💲 Cost, Cost Of Living, Discount Rate, Elevation, Fill The Bill
📚 Bluestocking, Cashbook, Daybook, Donnish, Invoice
📍 Place, Thumbtack, Pushpin, Pin, Office
📑 Marker, Catalog, Catalog, Marker, Office
📨 Receive, Envelope, Incoming, Dispatch, Sending
đŸ“Ē Mailbox, Lowered, Flag, Office, Communication
📂 Office, Open, File, Folder, Office
📖 Clerestory, Folktale, Forgery, Lore, Myth
📠 Xerox, Carbon Copy, Clone, Dead Ringer, Doppelganger
💱 Acquire, Acquired, Acquisition, Bought, Bribe
💹 Upward, Rising, Market, Economic, Economical
🗓ī¸ Office, Spiral, Calendar, Pad, Dated
✂ī¸ Goffer, Goldbrick, Goof Off, Grabble, Grooved
🏤 Office, Place, Building, Post, European
📈 Accrue, Accumulated, Agglomeration, Aggregate, Aggregation
đŸ“Ģ Flag, Office, Communication, Mail, Closed
📎 Impressment, Imputation, Lashing, Loyalty, Nationalization
📩 Envelope, Sent, Outgoing, Outgoing, Office
💸 Pay, Pay Out, Reckoning, Spend, Office
📊 Diagram, Diagnosis, Arbitrate, Monogram, Arbitrate
📆 Planning, Office, Calendar, Planning, Leave Of Absence
📒 Notebook, Journal, Ledger, Ledger, Office
đŸ’ŧ Bag, Suitcase, Case, Briefcase, Backpack
📐 Elbow, Inflection, Angle For, Angular, Corner
☎ī¸ Office, Sound, Phone, Telephone, Call
🗄ī¸ Filecabinet, Fort Knox, Kitchen Cabinet, Locker, Piggy Bank
📙 Office, Book, Literature, Orange, Office
đŸŖ Building, Post, Post, Office, Place
📜 Incorrupt, Apostolic, Bequest, Briefing, Evangelistic
📘 Office, Book, Blue, Literature, Glossal
🖇ī¸ Jotting, Junction, Paper Clip, Rig, Rigging
📛 Office, Name, Badge, Item, Badge
📟 Pager, Office, Communication, Pager, Pager
📧 Mail, Letter, Email, E-mail, Email
📁 Pamphlet, Folder, Pamphlet, Office, File
📋 Procedure, Questionnaire, Clipboard, Listing, Procedure
📤 Mail, Box, Letter, Tray, Sent
đŸ“Ĩ Communication, Mail, Box, Letter, Receive
đŸĸ Business, Corporation, Headquarters, Helm, Officiate
đŸ’ļ Bill, Banknote, Euro, Euro, Office
📇 Office, Card, Index, Rolodex, Indexed
đŸ’ĩ Bank, Bill, Banknote, Dollar, Currency
📓 Quarterly, Scheme, Time And Motion Study, Time Sheet, Time Study