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Sport, Ball, Racquet, Racket, Tennis.

? Tennis Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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? Person Juggling Ball, Activity
? Basketball Basketball, Sport, Ball, Hoop, Basketball
? Volleyball Activity, Ball
? Rugby Football Sport, Ball, Football, Soccer, Rugby
? Pool 8 Ball Ball, Game, Eight, Snooker, Billiard
? Ticket Activity, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Object
Baseball Baseball
? Ping Pong Tabletennis, Ping pong, Pingpong, Activity, Table tennis
? Badminton Activity, Badminton
? Bowling Game, Bowling, Sport, Ball, Game
? Person Running Run, Ran, Jog, Human, Person
? Rice Ball Ball, Rice, Food, Restaurant, Japan
? Tennis Sport, Ball, Tennis, Racquet
? Horse Racing Sport, Horse, Racing, Jockey, Human
? Person Golfing Ball, Golfer, Golf, Human, Person
⛷️ Skier Human, Travel, Person, Sport, Ski
? Snowboarder Snowboarding, Snowboarder, Snowboard, Human, Person
Person Bouncing Ball Travel, Person, Sport, Ball, Athlete
? Person Surfing Person, Sport, Ocean, Sea, Surfing
? Person Playing Water Polo Swimming, Goalkeeper, Activity, Ball, Swimming
? Person Swimming Athlete, Swimmer, Swim, Diver, Swimming
? Person Playing Handball Ball, Activity
? American Football Sport, Ball, Football, American, American football
? Person Lifting Weights Workingout, Strongman, Workedout, Strongmen, Weighting
? Person Biking Bicyclist, Cycling, Human, Travel, Person
? Confetti Ball Ball, Celebration, Party, Paper, Confetti
? Crystal Ball Ball, Tool, Telling, Fortune, Predict
? Person Mountain Biking Person, Sport, Cyclist, Mountain, Pedal
? Trophy Succeeds, Winning, Success, Achieve, Victory
? Sports Medal Accomplishment, Achievement, Honourable, Medallion, Champion
Flag in Hole Golf, Flag, Travel, Sport, Hole
⛸️ Ice Skate Skate, Snowshoe, Figure skating, Ice skating, Iceskating
? Fishing Pole Entertainment, Fish, Pole, Fishing, Sport
? Running Shirt Sport, Running, Shirt, Sash, Sport
? Skis Skier, Sport, Ski, Skiing, Skier
?️ Racing Car Sport, Car, Racing, Sportive car, Racing car
?️ Motorcycle Human, Travel, Person, Sport, Racing
? Bicycle Travel, Vehicle, Sport, Pedal, Bike
? Chequered Flag Concluding, Conclusion, Finishing, Executing, Finishes
? No Bicycles Bicycle, Travel, Vehicle, Sport, Prohibited

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