The Departed Emoji Storyline

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The Departed Emoji Storyline is a translation of The Departed plot summary using eighty-eight emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
? Years Order Of The Day, Periodic
↩️ ago Perfunctory, Plunging
? powerful Potency, Potentiality
? Irish
? mafia Detective, Disappearance
✔️ figure Charter, Chide
? placed Visa, Catechism
➡️l⬅️ small Lenten, Little Minded
?️ selection Basement, Bay
? youngest Newborn, Grandchildren
? brightest Illuminate, Illuminated
? men Him, John Doe
? into Inbox, Receive
? Massachusetts
?️ State Bylaw, City Hall
? Police Policewomen, Police
?️ Academy Bylaw, City Hall
? cadets Gyrene, Ignoramus
? Their
? purpose Goal, Main
? eventually Mandated, Mandatory
? rise Abundance, Accrue
? prestigious Royalty, Premium
ranks Specialization, Specialize
?️ state Bylaw, City Hall
? police Policewomen, Police
? department Department, Stockpile
✔️ serve Charter, Chide
?️ eyes Standpoint, Supervision
and Add, Accompaniment
? ears Heeding, Listened
? boss Forehand, Foreman
? While Antipole, Antonym
⤴️ else Sinus, Skyward
? young Newborn, Grandchildren
? cadet Gyrene, Ignoramus
= equally Equally, Equation
⚠️ dangerous Writ, Travel
? task Visa, Catechism
➡️? infiltrate Enlargement, Enter
? Irish
?️ syndicate Talent, Trader
? man Him, John Doe
? sending Dispatch, Sending
? in Inbox, Receive
✔️ own Charter, Chide
? Massachusetts
?️ State Bylaw, City Hall
? Police Policewomen, Police
? Now Today, Tour Of Duty
1️⃣ one Word, Symbol
? cadet Gyrene, Ignoramus
⬆️ up Arrow, Up
and Add, Accompaniment
? coming Vehicle, Aircraft
? police Policewomen, Police
?️ official Talent, Trader
? torn Anti, Antipathetic
? allegiance Eminent Domain, Equipment
?‍✈️ job Aircraft, Fly
and Add, Accompaniment
? criminal Crueler, Cruelest
?️ mastermind Talent, Trader
? put Scrap, Human
? him Him, John Doe
? While Antipole, Antonym
? other Any, Either
? cadet Gyrene, Ignoramus
? number Mathematical, Mathematics
? man Him, John Doe
? finding Detect, Detected
?️ professional Talent, Trader
?️ becoming Indite, Install
↔️ blurred Candid, Capacious
? current Today, Tour Of Duty
?️ state Bylaw, City Hall
? But Repetition, Repeating
? new New, Posting
? clues Reason To Believe, Shibboleth
✔️ have Charter, Chide
? lead Royalty, Premium
? unfortunate Fine And Dandy, Fired
? when Today, Tour Of Duty
#️⃣ sides Symbol, Word
? realize Conceptualize, Conjectural
☑️ being Accordance, Acquiescence
? watched Staring, Peeping
? enemy Crueler, Cruelest

The Departed Details

The Departed movie was released in 2006.

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