The Revenant Emoji Storyline

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The Revenant Emoji Storyline is a translation of The Revenant plot summary using fifty-four emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
? While While Away The Time, Arrow
? uncharted Ponder, Pondered
?️ wilderness Deplete, Desert
? in Inbox, Receive
? 1823
? legendary Best, Good
? frontiersman Chief, Chieftain
? Hugh
? Glass Suck In, Suckle
♻️ sustains Absorbing, Intake
? injuries Woundingly, Traumatise
⬅️ from From, Nearing
? brutal Lousy, Lurid
? bear Wolverine, Bear
? attack Chouse, Churn
? When Plunk, Point-Blank
? hunting Nosy, Piscatory
? team Child, Father
➡️? leaves Friend At Court, Gallery
? him Guy, Men
➡️ for Accordingly, Afterwards
☠️ dead Face, Body
? Glass Suck In, Suckle
? must Aimed, Aiming
♻️ utilize Absorbing, Intake
♻️ survival Absorbing, Intake
? skills Morsel, Motto
? find Arise, Avatar
?️ way Driveway, Force Of Habit
? back Above, Back
? home Abode, Cohabit
? while While Away The Time, Arrow
? natives Best, Good
? on On, Above
✔️ own Adopted, Adorable
? hunt Trotter, Watchdog
? Grief-stricken
and Affinity, Affix
⚔️ vengeance Cranky, Crossed
? Glass Suck In, Suckle
? treks Excursion, Ferries
➡️ through Accordingly, Afterwards
? wintry Dispiritedly, Despondency
?️ terrain Circuit, Cockpit
?️ track Railroad, Roadbed
⬇️ down Butte, Daintiness
? John Jenny, Customer
? Fitzgerald
? former Travel, Vehicle
? confidant Invention, Jawboning
? betrayed Inclemency, Indecorous
and Affinity, Affix
?️ abandoned Desolation, Forsaken
? him Guy, Men

The Revenant Details

The Revenant movie was released in 2015.

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