The Walking Dead Emoji Storyline

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The Walking Dead Emoji Storyline is a translation of The Walking Dead plot summary using fifty-seven emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
? Sheriff Militiaman, Militiamen
? Deputy Administrator, Agency
? Rick Rising, Upturn
? Grimes
? gets Body, Shake
? shot Musket, Musketeer
and Employ, Encumber
⤵️ falls Come To, Drop In
? into Receive, Tray
? coma Curious, Cursory
? When Instantly, Just Around The Corner
? he Human, Person
? finds Diagnostic, Disclosive
? in Receive, Tray
? Zombie Gadabout, Get Going
☄️ Apocalypse Exterminate, Fireball
? Not Dele, Denial
? knowing Confab, Confer
? do
? he Human, Person
?️ sets Mass, Library
⤴️ out At The Same Time, Beside
? find Diagnostic, Disclosive
? family Communism, Communities
↪️ after Arrow, Right
✔️ done Approved, Approving
? he Human, Person
? gets Body, Shake
? connected Alter Ego, Analogue
? group Communism, Communities
?⬅️ become Belch, Break Loose
? leader Boss, Bosses
? He Human, Person
takes Pencraft, Penmanship
? charge Explosive, Exploding
and Employ, Encumber
? help Body, Shake
? group Communism, Communities
? people Communism, Communities
➡️ survive Abiding, Accordingly
? find Diagnostic, Disclosive
⛩️ place Torii, Window
? live Liven, Life
and Employ, Encumber
? get Body, Shake
? food Potage, Roll Up
? This
? show Activity, Entertainment
? all Durability, Emergent
? about Pleach, Printed Circuit
♻️ survival Duration, Electric Current
⚠️ risks Pitfall, Precarious
and Employ, Encumber
?️ things Mass, Library
✔️ have Approved, Approving
? do
➡️ survive Abiding, Accordingly

The Walking Dead Details

The Walking Dead movie was released in 2010.

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