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Bargain, Barter, Industrial, Alternate, Requite, Amortize, Patronize, Argue, Alien, Assign, Calling, Bandy, Agency, Marketing, Alienate, Exchange, Compensate, Big business, Brokerage, Pass, Return, Convey, Career, Change, Give-and-take, Commercial, Pork barrel, Balance of trade, Commute, Occupation, Confer, Cooperate, Dealing, Craft, Buy, Settle, Hand down, Carriage trade, Dealings, Pass on, Deed, Deliver, Demise, Dicker, Cede, Deal, Art, Make over, Retaliate, Following, Bequeath, Give, Public, Consign, Merchant, Haggle, Hand.

? Trade Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Trade Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
? Banknote, Yen, Bill, Yen, Office
? Hedonism, Hedonistic, Hush Money, Indemnification, Indemnify
? Fork Out, Free-For-All, Income, Money Order, Pawn
? Bank, Bill, Banknote, Euro, Euro
? On Call, Paying, Payoff, Quittance, Red Cent
? Note, Money, Bank, Bill, Banknote
? Creditcard, Debitcard, Plasticcard, Card Carrying, Credit
? Communication, Mail, Down, Letter, Above
? Historicity, Instruction, Office, Page, Document
?️ Notepad, Pad, Tableau, Office, Note
? Balance Sheet, Bankbook, Bibliolatry, Bill Of Fare, Bluestocking
? Place, Thumbtack, Pushpin, Pin, Office
?️ Exertion, Expended, Forfeited, Gravel, Henpecked
? Place, Japan, Building, Post, Post
? Mail, Closed, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag
?️ Portrait, Poster, Precipice, Specimen, Stabile
? Folder, Office, Open, File, Folder
? Communication, Open, Mail, Postbox, Mailbox
? Workbench, Workhouse, Workroom, Class, Armchair
? Office, Bag, Suitcase, Case, Briefcase
? Firm, Headquarters, Helm, Main Office, Office
✏️ Graphite, Graphite, Pencil, Office, Pen
? Pamphlet, Office, File, Folder, Pamphlet
? Corner, Deflection, Dogleg, Elbow, Inflection
? Sheathe, Shrub, Snuggery, Stationery, Balcony
? Save, Backup, Backup, Cache, Floppies
? File Away, Foundering, House Of Cards, Hydrate, Imperilment
? Mail, Letter, Email, E-mail, Email
? Journal, Ledger, Ledger, Office, Notebook
? Head Count, Honor Roll, Muster Roll, Night And Day, Nose Count
? Story, Fable, Tale, Perusal, Hymnal
? Lowered, Flag, Office, Communication, Mail
? Communication, Open, Mail, Postbox, Mailbox
?️ Office, Communication, Pen, Ink, Drawing
? Leave Of Absence, Planning, Office, Calendar, Planning
? Literature, Orange, Office, Book, Literature
? Indexed, Lineup, List, Rolodex, Type
? Impanel, Itemize, Keep Score, Libretto, Line Up
✂️ Collop, Contraction, Corrugated, Crease, Cutback
?️ Card, Index, Assort, Assort, Storage
? Office, Book, Notebook, Decorated, Cover
?️ Three, Mouse, Office, Computer, Button
? Adhesive, Adjacent, Allegiance, Arrogation, Attach
? Strategic, Procedure, Questionnaire, Clipboard, Listing
? Linear, Meter, Narrow Gauge, Ruler, Size
? Office, Book, Blue, Literature, Glossal
?️ Office, Spiral, Calendar, Pad, Dated
? Arbor, Pinned, Pintle, Spindle, Arbor
? Dvd, Optical, CD, Compactdisc, Disk
? Workbook, Yearbook, Office, Book, Literature
? Office, Place, Building, Post, European
? Minidisc, Self-Knowledge, Office, Computer, Disc
? Eject, Ejection, Out Of Shape, Outbox, Tray
?️ Pen, Ink, Fountain, Drawing, Office
? Swipe, Office, Communication, Pencil, Memo
✒️ Pen, Nib, Nib, Office, Pen
? Earnestly, Earnestly, Hundred, Office, Full
? Computer, Electronics, Figurer, Laptop, Pc
☎️ Teletype, Telex, Office, Sound, Phone
? Dish, Satellite, Antenna, Scanning, Radar
? Badge, Item, Name, Office, Name
?️ Locker, Piggy Bank, Portfolio, Retable, Shelf
? Letterbox, Letterboxes, Mail Box, Mail Boxes, Mailbox
? Marker, Catalog, Catalog, Marker, Office
? Pager, Office, Communication, Pager, Pager

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