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Cockatrice, Timeserver, Schemer, Quisling, Apostate, Double agent, Desperado, Fugitive, Brawler, Recreant, Convert, Benedict Arnold, Convict, Deserter, Quisling, Conniver, Felon, Betrayer, Fifth columnist, Schismatic, Recidivist, Gangster, Insubordinate, Insurrectionary, Crook, Informer, Maverick, Deceiver, Separatist, Mobster, Mugwump, Nonconformist, Outlaw, Plotter, Proselyte, Machinator, Racketeer, Defector, Rebel, Conspirator, Collaborator, Secessionist, Snake, Criminal, Renegade, Thief, Frondeur, Thug, Turnabout, Strikebreaker, Malcontent, Serpent, Public enemy, Scoundrel, Lawbreaker.

? Traitor Emoji can be used on iOS and Android devices. Traitor Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

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EmojiRelated words
? Pound, Pound, Office, Note, Money
? Card, Credit, Creditcard, Debitcard, Plasticcard
? Staker, Compensation, Materiality, Adipose, Adipose
? Euro, Office, Note, Money, Bank
? Bankroll, Debt, Donate, Expend, Expenditure
? Bill, Banknote, Yen, Bill, Yen
? Fantasize, Finance, Gold Piece, Installment Plan, Legal Tender
? Marker, Office, Bookmark, Marker, Catalog
? Hire, Salesman, Scalper, Cost, Bargain
?️ Three, Mouse, Office, Computer, Button
? Office, Full, Score, Hundred, Earnestly
? Planning, Leave Of Absence, Planning, Office, Calendar
? Airmail, Celerity, Dispatched, Expedition, Goodwill
?️ Portfolio, Retable, Strongbox, Bookshelf, Cabinet
? Electronics, Figurer, Laptop, Pc, Office
?️ Typography, Woodblock, Xerography, Office, Computer
? Strategic, Procedure, Questionnaire, Clipboard, Listing
?️ Loess, Misdirection, Misuse, Misused, Misusing
?‍? Consultant, Consultation, Councilman, Counsel, Counselor
?️ Keynote, Noted, Notepad, Pad, Tableau
? Literary, Lettered, Literate, Encyclopedic, Bibliolatry
✂️ Diluted, Disparagement, Divvy Up, Dollop, Double Edged
? Office, Place, Japan, Building, Post
? Item, Badge, Item, Name, Office
? Disc, Dvd, Office, Computer, Disc
? Sent, Outbox, Eject, Withdrawal, Withdrawn
☎️ Telegraph, Teletype, Telex, Office, Sound
?️ Office, Communication, Crayon, Crayon, Office
? Disk, Cache, Floppies, Save, Backup
? Stat, Statistic, Statistical, Statistically, Structure
? Tome, Trade Book, Wager, Write Out, Office
? Office, Book, Blue, Literature, Glossal
? Thumbtack, Pushpin, Pin, Office, Place
? Journal, Diary, Log, Compendium, Scheme
? File, Folder, Office, Open, File
? Fairy Tale, Folktale, Forgery, Gazetteer, Ghost Story
?️ Outback, Paint, Paintbrush, Paintbrushes, Painted
? Flag, Office, Communication, Open, Mail
? Sent, Outgoing, Outgoing, Office, Arrow
? Flag, Office, Communication, Open, Mail
?‍? Secretaries, Secretary, Secretaries, Secretary, Human
? Commandeer, Communize, Confiscate, Constancy, Eminent Domain
? Package, Packaged, Packaging, Parcel, Parquet
? Office, File, Folder, Pamphlet, Folder
? Letter Boxes, Letterbox, Letterboxes, Mail Box, Mail Boxes
? Spindle, Thumbtack, Office, Thumbtack, Pushpin
?️ Pageantry, Parasol, Percolator, Personal Computer, Phantasmagoria
?️ Ink, Drawing, Ballpoint, Ballpen, Barnyard
? Mesa, Notional, Seat, Seated, Seating
? Market, Economic, Economical, Economy, Niche
?️ Rigging, Jotting, Junction, Paper Clip, Rig
? Minidisc, Self-Knowledge, Office, Computer, Disc
? E-mail, Email, E-Mail, Office, Communication
?️ Storage, Office, Card, Index, Assort
? Facsimile, Faxing, Clone, Doppelganger, Faxed
? Catechize, Prescription, Recipe, Ordinance, Obligation
? Narrow Gauge, Ruler, Size, Size Up, Yardstick
? Green, Subject, Pocketbook, Guideline, Workbook
? Closed, Postbox, Mailbox, Flag, Office
? Decorated, Cover, Cover, Office, Book
? European, Office, Place, Building, Post
? Embezzlement, Engross, Exchange, Exchanged, Exchanging
? Shoot Up, Splice, Squirrel Away, Stack, Stacked
?️ Drawing, Office, Communication, Pen, Ink
? Postbox, Mailbox, Lowered, Flag, Office

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