Turnabout Emoji

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Backing, Restitution, Adjustment, Tergiversation, Alteration, Accommodation, Apostasy, Change of mind, Defection, Upheaval, Adaptation, Quisling, Deviation, Backsliding, Backup, Change of heart, Disenchantment, Modulation, Collaborator, Conversion, Apostate, Convert, Reversal, Recreant, Qualification, Degeneration, Traitor, Deterioration, Diversification, Difference, Deserter, Divergence, Flip, Diversion, Break, Switch, Lapse, Mitigation, Continuity, Fifth columnist, Amelioration, Mugwump, Change, Proselyte, Reverting, Reversing, Recidivism, Turnaround, Discontinuity, Schismatic, Reverse, Regress, Turn, Reinstatement, Betterment, Defector, Second thoughts.

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EmojiRelated words
?️ Bellhop, Bellhop, Object, Hotel, Bell
? Sleep, Slept, Hostel, Sleep, Sleeping
?️ Turn In, Underbelly, Underlayer, Underneath, Underpinning
? Place, Shop, Pole, Barber, Pedestal
? Word, Emotion, Comic, Sleeping, Sleepy
Time, Clock, Alarm, Alarmclock, Sec
? Headquarters, Helm, Officiate, Sweatshop, Administration
? Intimacy, Orgy, Intercourse, Intimacy, Make Love
? Staff, Human, Person, Information, Help
? Breakwater, Breastwork, Broadside, Buffer State, Bulkhead
? Place, Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon
? Leg, Leg, Poultry, Food, Restaurant
? Place, Teller, Automated, Atm, Atm
? Vodka, Food, Restaurant, Drink, Bar
? Junket, Pudding, Trifle, Food, Restaurant
? Department, Stockpile, Stored, Place, Building
? Nectar, Tidbit, Gel, Creamy, Butter
? Intermezzo, Outlook, Overcrossing, Overlie, Overpass
? Thoroughfare, Molehill, Cottage, Garden, Mansion
? Full, Face, Place, Weather, Orbit
? Beer, Ale, Clinking, Food, Restaurant
?️ Cold, Mountain, Snow, Nature, Place
? Borderline Case, Casino, Endanger, Flip Of A Coin, Fortuity
? Beginner, Chevron, Object, Place, Japan
? Hymen, Marriage, Married, Marries, Marry
? Playing Field, Playroom, Rocking Horse, Rolling Stone, Rotator
? Occupation, Parsonage, Penthouse, Pinpoint, Placement
? Tower, Place, Japan, Tower, Tokyo
?️ Courtyard, Demesne, Discipline, Distance, Domain
?️ Cay, Coral Reef, Croft, Enclave, Heliport
? Burger, Cheeseburger, Sandwich, Hamburger, Fastfood
? Toast, Tuck, Viands, Victuals, Vittles
Smooth Tongued, Soapy, Spritz, Surging, Sycophantic
? Time, Orbit, Moon, Crescent, Waning
? Restaurant, Noodle, Steaming, Soba, Ramen
? Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Face
? Byway, Causeway, Expanding, Expressway, Falcate
?️ Gelded, Grassland, Healthiness, Incompleteness, Ineffectual
? Bivouac, Ale, Encampment, Lager, Tankard
? Place, Weather, Building, City, Landscape
? Bright, Sobriety, Soundness, Sunburned, Make Clear
? Time Immemorial, Place, Weather, Sun, Sunrise
? Post, European, Office, Place, Building
? Bronze, Place, Activity, Medal, Silver
? Scrap, Litterbox, Put, Scrap, Human