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Chance, Chancy, Restless, Agnostic, Volatile, Aleatory, Adventitious, Equivocal, Amorphous, Dubious, Fickle, Causeless, Adrift, Unexpected, Versatile, Afloat, Light, Coquettish, Accidental, Desultory, Unsafe, Unsteadfast, Wayward, Doubting, Fortuitous, Eccentric, Infirm, Erratic, Fast and loose, Capricious, Fatal, Uncontrolled, Risky, Irresponsible, Flickering, Unsteady, Casual, Flitting, Giddy, Unrestrained, Fluctuating, Dicey, Flirtatious, Freakish, Improbable, Hesitant, Dizzy, Shapeless, Extraordinary, Impulsive, Incalculable, Inconsistent, Inconstant, Indecisive, Indemonstrable, Faddish, Iffy.

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