?‍♀️ Woman Elf Emoji

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Imp, Pixie, Pixy, Hob, Brownie.

?‍♀️ Woman Elf Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2017.

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Related to ?‍♀️ Woman Elf Emoji

? Elf Pixy, Hob, Brownie, Fairy, Leprechaun
? Man and Woman Holding Hands Person, Hand, Woman, Man, Couple
? Old Woman Matriarch, Mid Victorian, Nanna, Old Lady, Old Maid
? Pregnant Woman Give Birth, Have A Baby, Pregnant, Human, Face
? Woman Maid, Maiden, Maidenly, Matron, Matronly
? Woman’s Boot Inductee, Jolly, Kick Upstairs, Knee, Leatherneck
? Woman’s Clothes Jacket, Linen, Waist, Wear, Wear Down
? Woman’s Hat Hat, Headgear, Millinery, Hat, Headgear

Code for ?‍♀️ Woman Elf Emoji

"? U+1F9DD ‍ U+200D ♀ U+2640 ️ U+FE0F"

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