Wound up Emoji

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All over, Antiquated, Done for, Departed, Fini, Bygone, Ago, Wrapped up, Dated, Dead, Deleted, Kaput, Done, Through, Done with, Complete, Expired, Expunged, No more, Deceased, Gone, Lapsed, Passed away, Obsolete, Decided, Elapsed, Past, Perfected, Run out, Settled, Shot, Ended, Passe, Antique, Defunct, Washed up, Forgotten, Irrecoverable, Finished, Extinct, Passed, Terminated, Over, Vanished.

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? Perserve, Persist, Human, Face, Persist
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? Rain, Umbrella, Canopy, Weather, Rain
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? Nail Care, Nail Lacquer, Nail Polish, Nailcare, Polish
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? Despoliation, Detestable, Detriment, Diabolic, Disgrace
Body, Hand, Victory, V, Gesture
? Person, Love, Romance, Couple Kiss, Human
? Haziness, Higgledy Piggledy, Hugger Mugger, Inarticulate, Inconspicuous
? Gesture, Body, Hand, Finger, Splayed
? Fanged, Cheetah, Cougar, Fanged, Mountain Lion
? Shriek, Terror, Squeal, Panic, Howl
? Human, Person, Woman, Bunny, Ear
? Face, Disappointed, Human, Face, Disappointed
? Person, Man, Pi, Mao, Gua
? Cognizance, Cognizant, Come Back At, Come Clean, Commendable
? Backhand, Human, Gesture, Body, Hand
? Duet, Human, Person, Heart, Romance