X-Men Origins: Wolverine Emoji Storyline

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Emoji Storyline is a translation of X-Men Origins: Wolverine plot summary using sixty-three emoji from the latest Unicode Version.

EmojiStorylineRelated Words
? Two
? mutant Consignment, Contradictory
? brothers
? Logan
and Addiction, Adding
? Victor Acta, Actuality
? born Parthenogenesis, Parturition
? 200
? years Age, Aged
↩️ ago Blithering, Conservative
? suffer Bereaved, Blanch
? childhood Childlike, Children
? trauma Headache, Headachey
and Addiction, Adding
✔️ have Accompany, Accredit
? each Defining, Exactly
? other Discontinuity, Discriminate
? depend Object, Link
? on Arrow, On
? Basically
?️ fighters Petal, Plug Ugly
and Addiction, Adding
?️ killers Petal, Plug Ugly
? living Naturalistic, Naturally
⬅️ from Arrow, Left
⚔️ war Annex, Antipodal
⚔️ war Annex, Antipodal
➡️ through Elongate, Employable
? US
? history Conspectus, Notify
? In Mail, Box
☑️ modern Aboveboard, Absolutely
? times Era, Overtime
? US
? colonel Dionysus, Directing
? Stryker
? recruits Childlike, Children
and Addiction, Adding
? other Discontinuity, Discriminate
? mutants Consignment, Contradictory
? Logan
?⬅️ quits Disgorge, Disinvolve
and Addiction, Adding
?⬅️ becomes Disgorge, Disinvolve
? falling Drop, Evoke
? in Mail, Box
? love Romantic, Romanticized
? local Endow, Energize
? teacher School, University
? When Era, Overtime
? Logan
? refuses Rejection, Prohibit
? rejoin Appreciating, Acknowledge
? Stryker's
? crew Silhouette, Bust
? colonel Dionysus, Directing
? sends Speediness, Transfer
?️ murderous Petal, Plug Ugly
? Victor Acta, Actuality
? Logan
? now Era, Overtime
‼️ wants Arguing, Argument
⚖️ revenge Qualifier, Eligible

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie was released in 2009.

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